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We're a dynamic, supportive and collaborative community of scholars at the forefront of Business research.

We're researchers in Business. We're advancing new disciplinary knowledge through top-tier publications, and we're leveraging our scholarly insights through strong research partnerships with industry. OSU and the College of Business invest in the excellence, achievement, and external impact of our faculty.



Of 22 academic leadership positions in the College of Business, nine are held by women.


In 2020 the College of Business recognized 10 faculty for Prominent Scholars Awards for their research success.


As Oregon's land-grant university, our eight centers of excellence have partnered for research with industry and community on 22 projects.

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What drives us

SEC data trove advances need for transparency

Terrence Blackburne, assistant professor of accounting, explains his research: “I am interested in how information affects business decisions." And he’s mining a massive new trove of Securities and Exchange Commission data to see what he might find.


Haptic instincts guide human desire to buy

Dr. Ryann Reynolds-McIlnay, assistant professor of marketing and merchandising management, investigates the effects of retail environment stimuli on shopper behavior. She's wired to notice shopper marketing, atmospherics and sensory marketing.


Narcissists don’t learn from their mistakes

When most people find that their actions have resulted in an undesirable outcome, they tend to rethink their decisions. When narcissists face the same undesirable outcome, their refrains, according to Professor Satoris Howes, is “No one could have seen this coming!”





Journal Publications

The College of Business is a supportive environment for faculty research. We recognize the achievement and dedication of our researchers, and we empower junior faculty to reach high standards for scholarly excellence.

In the past years — because of the priority we've made of our faculty's scholarship — we've significantly increased our contributions to top-tier journals, supporting the goals of our faculty and our college.

Fifteen leading academic journals* accepted College of Business faculty research papers in 2019-20 of the 35 peer-reviewed research publications we produced, an increase of roughly 50% from five years ago.

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* This is based on rankings of 4* (elite) and 4 (top-ranked) journals published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Endowed Faculty

Keith Leavitt

Betty S. Henry Amundson Faculty Scholar in Ethics

Kara Obermire

Shirley E. Droschkey Assistant Professor of Accounting

Ted Paterson

L.W. "Bill" Lane Professor in Family Business Management

Marilyn Read

Laura B. Smith Faculty Scholar in Design

Inara Scott

Gomo Family Professorship

Logan Steele

Mary Ellen Phillips Professorship in Financial Accounting

Funded Research

Oregon State University has a Carnegie R1 Research classification and is one of only two universities in the country with all four public designations – Land, Sea, Space, and Sun Grant. Year over year, the College of Business humbly contributes to the global prestige and significance of OSU funded research as part of the university's research and extension mission.

In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the College of Business received $332,406 in research funding from public and private sources and allocated an additional $19,123 to support faculty research and teaching, for resources totaling $351,529.

Projects range from local private funding to support business entrepreneurship in minority communities to large government grants to research the impact of curiosity in learning or to develop online k-12 curricula.

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faculty members who have received research funding

Our faculty in the news

Coronavirus: Nations define what's ‘essential’

Aimee Huff, assistant professor of marketing, defines what’s important and reassuring during uncertain times — institutions and practices that are central to national cultural identities.

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Hope for the hospitality industry

Todd Montgomery has been an expert source for media asking about the pandemic’s impact on Oregon’s critical hospitality industry. The message he has for them? Optimism and resilience.

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How faculty responded to coronavirus

From supplying critical gear to helping people in need, our College of Business faculty have stepped up to the challenges COVID-19 has presented. Here are just a few examples of how they have made a difference.

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Covid: Food supply chain and shortage

KOIN 6 talks to College of Business supply chain expert, Professor Zhaohui Wu, to help us understand supply chain interruptions that may result from COVID-19 global impact.

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Ready, aim, post: Meet an Instagram gun influencer

NBC News talks to assistant professor of marketing Aimee Huff about gun ownership among women, and a social media influencer who promotes guns and products for hundreds of thousands of followers.

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Hopes high for own politics, sports teams

People tend to be irrationally optimistic about their sports team or political party, while supporters of their rivals hold similar overly positive views, associate professor of marketing Colleen Bee has found.

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Social data provides business insights

Data from social commerce websites, such as Yelp, can inform business owners as they make decisions that could impact whether a new venture succeeds or fails, assistant professor Xiaohui Chang finds.

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Visualization strategies can thwart health goals

Visualization is a common technique for achieving health goals, but consumers should use caution when using perspective-based visualizations, Jason Stornelli, assistant professor of marketing, has found.

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