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Templates and Branding Elements:

  • Email brand guidelines
  • Digital Signage Templates for Austin Hall
  • Fonts — You will need to install these in order for the templates to display properly. 
  •  Flyer — Simple white background for basic text signage (8.5x11)
  •  Flyer 2 — Event flyer with white background and position for photo (8.5x11)
  •  Flyer 3 — Event flyer with vertical orange panel and postion for vertical photo (8.5x11)
  •  Guest itinerary
  •  Letterhead
  •  Poster
  •  PowerPoint with new fonts embedded — Best for OSU presentations; please install new fonts onto your machine
  •  PowerPoint with system fonts embedded — Best for presentations that may use an out-of-house computer
  •  Logos
  •  Marketing Project Request Form
     Use this form to communicate project information, e.g. deadlines, budget, target audience, etc., to the marketing team. 

    *You will receive a confirmation email when you complete the request. If you do not receive a confirmation email, then your submission was not recorded.