To change your Business major, you must meet eligibility requirements and request to declare a major of choice. 

When to Apply

Eligibility Requirements

Majors and GPA Criteria & Other Options Available

Application Details

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What if You are Not Accepted 

When to Apply

You must meet all eligibility requirements to declare. You will be notified of a decision typically within two weeks of the deadline. If eligible, you will be admitted for the following term. 

REVIEW period for 2017-18

Spring 2018

Open: Friday, March 30
Close: Sunday, April 15
**If planning to register for summer, please submit by Wednesday, April 4

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to change or add a COB major, you must:

  • be a current OSU Business major.
  • have an All-Inclusive Business (AIB) GPA of 2.50 or higher.  The AIB GPA is the average of grades earned in the Business Degree Program Coursework (both transfer and OSU grades) and grades of any additional business courses taken at OSU.  If a class has been repeated, then refer to the Retaking Courses policy to see which grade is used to compute the AIB GPA.
  • have grades of C- or better in all Business Degree Program Coursework, which includes all Pre-Business Core, Pro-School Core, and Major Specific Courses that are required to earn a specific business degree (both transfer and OSU grades).
    • If you have a grade that is lower than a C- in Business Degree Program Coursework, you must be enrolled to retake this course in the upcoming term to be eligible to apply. Note: your AIB in MyDegrees may no longer include the grade you are replacing but it will be counted in your application.  Please see a COB advisor for help calculating your GPA.
    • If you currently have an Incomplete with a D, D-, F, or N predicted grade, your grade must be updated to complete (with a C- or better) prior to the Pro-School application deadline to be eligible or you must be enrolled to retake the course.
  • have grades of C or better in specific classes in order to begin progression through the designated major, see below for more information.
  • meet with a COB advisor to complete the change of major process (you will be notified to schedule).

Incoming transfer students, who have not yet completed any OSU courses, must also:

  •  first complete START orientation and register for BA 381 in your first term.

Majors and GPA Criteria

Meeting or exceeding the AIB GPA does not guarantee admission to major(s) of choice.  If you have two majors which are of interest to you, you may apply to a first and second choice. If you are accepted into both majors then you will be placed into your first choice major. Or, if you plan to pursue two majors, you can apply to two and potentially be accepted into both majors. Online students are not eligible to double major with an on-campus business major.

This table of information pertains only to the current application period.

  Available Campus Course GPA
DISCIPLINE/MAJOR Corvallis E-Campus Minimum Grade Required
Accountancy* Yes No BA 211 - C
BA 213 - C
Business Information Systems Yes No BA 270 - C
Finance Yes No BA 240 - C
Management Yes No BA 352 - C
Marketing Yes No BA 223 - C
Business Administration** Yes Yes  
  • Digital Marketing Option
No Yes  
Yes No  
No Yes  
  • Family Business Option
Yes Yes  
  • Marketing Option***
No Yes  
  • Merchandising Management Option

Yes No  
  • Retail Management Option
No Yes  
Yes Yes  

*Additional Accountancy Requirements:

​Accountancy majors will be also expected to sign the Accountancy program Statement of Ethics on the first day of class in ACTG 317.

**Additional Business Administration Major Information:

  • This major is a stand-alone major and cannot be combined with any other business major.
  • Suggested elective credits to reach the 180 total needed to graduate include completing an option in International Business through a COB international business exchange OR completing a non-business minor.

***Business Administration with Marketing Option cannot be combined with the Marketing major.

Other Options Available

International Business (IB)- You can add an IB option to any major listed above by successfully completing the Arthur Stonehill International Business Exchange Program. 

Accounting Information Systems (AIS)- Only Accountancy majors may apply to add the AIS option.

Application Details

  • Complete requests must be submitted by the deadline to be considered.
  • You can only submit one change of major request per term.  If you resubmit in a given term, the most recent submission will be used.
  • You can pick up to two majors per request.
  • You will be asked if you agree to:
    • have your academic records reviewed by a College of Business advisor for the purpose of adding or changing your major.
    • meet with an advisor to change your academic record to reflect your new major, if you are eligible for that program.
  • Supplements:
    • Attachments: MS Word or PDF format only. Please make sure your name and student ID number is indicated either in the document and/or in the title of the document.
    • Transcripts: Send all transcripts with any Business coursework completed or in progress at other institutions before you apply. If the courses are not yet showing in MyDegrees, upload unofficial transcripts with the application.
    • Documented Disability Petition: Students receiving learning disability accommodations from the University Disability Access Services (DAS) office may petition to request an exception to the eligibility requirements. Petitions must specify first-term accommodation requests. Pro-School admissions may then be considered based on academic performance over a minimum of the three most recent terms of accommodation. Students will be required to authorize the DAS office to discuss their documentation with the Associate Dean of Academic Programs. 



 What if You are Not Accepted

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the College of Business to admit everyone into their desired majors.  If this happens to you, then it is a good idea to consult with an advisor to think through your next steps.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you see an advisor:

Do I want to…

  • work on raising my business GPA and reapply another term to the major(s) I selected?
  • consider applying for a less competitive Corvallis campus business major in a future term?
  • consider applying to the Business Administration degree through ECampus (online degree)?

Consider pursuing a non-business major?  There are several majors on campus with lower or no GPA requirements, some of which can be finished in a similar amount of time. See link below for a sample list of Alternative Business-related Majors.