With an innovative curriculum taught by dedicated professors, the Business and Entrepreneurship minor provides you with a fundamental stepping stone on the road to identifying and commercializing business opportunities in any type of organization. Learn to recognize business opportunities and gain fundamental business skills essential for launching a new venture or idea.

Eligibility Requirements

BUSINESS MAJORS may not add the Business & Entrepreneurship minor. Only non-Business majors are eligible for this minor.

To be eligible to declare the Business & Entrepreneurship minor, the following must be true at the time of evaluation:

  • Have earned a C- or better in any Required Courses already taken, whether at OSU or transfer school.
  • Have a Business & Entrepreneurship Minor GPA of 2.5 or better. The Minor GPA only includes grades from the Required and Elective Courses taken at OSU.
    • Transfer courses that were (a) completed with a C- or better and (b) approved as equivalent to Required and Elective Courses will be used to meet specific course requirements but their grades will not be used in the Minor GPA.
  • Have a 2.0 or better in most recent term OSU GPA and in cumulative OSU GPA.


Required Courses

The following Required Courses must be completed with a C- or better.One additional Elective Course must be completed with a C- or better. See next page for full list of Elective Courses.

Course # Title Prerequisites Credits 
Available Online?
BA 215 Fundamentals of Accounting SOPH          4 Yes
BA 260 Intro to Entrepreneurship SOPH 4 Yes
BA 351 Managing Organizations JR 4 Yes
BA 360 Intro to Financial Management JR, ECON 201, BA 215 or BA 213 4 Yes
BA 390 Marketing JR, ECON 201 4 Yes
ECON 201 Intro to Microeconomics SOPH, MTH 111 4 Yes

 Elective Course - choose one from this list

Course #      Title Prerequisites Credits Available Online?
BA 230 Business Law SOPH 4 No
FIN 341 Investments * JR, FIN 340 or BA 360 4 No
FIN 342 Corporate Finance * JR, FIN 340 or BA 360 4 No
BA 357 Operations Management * JR, BA 275 or 276 4 Yes
BA 362 Social Entrepreneurship * JR 4 No
BA 363 Technology and Innovation Management * JR, BA 260 4 No
MGMT 364 Project Management * JR, BA 351 or BA 352 4 Yes
BA 365 Family Bus. Management * JR 4 Yes
MRKT 396 Fundamentals of Marketing Research * JR, BA 276 or Stats course, BA 390 4 Yes
MGMT 452 Leadership * SR, BA 351/BA352 4 No
MGMT 453 Human Resources Management * SR, BA 351/BA 352 4 No
BA 460 Venture Management * SR, BA 260, BA 351/BA 352, BA 390 4 No
BA 463 Family Business Management * Instructor Permission required (see COB advisor for details) 4 No
BA 467 New Venture Laboratory * SR, BA 357 and BA 458 4 No
BA 468 Technology Commercialization * SR BA 363 or instructor permission 4 No
MRKT 492 Consumer Behavior * SR, BA 390 4 No
MRKT 495 Retail Management * SR, BA 390 4 No
MRKT 497 Global Marketing * SR, BA 390, BA 347 4 No
MRKT 498 Services Marketing * SR, BA 390, Bend Campus Only 4 No



 *= Phase 2; Come to 122 Austin on the first day of Phase 2 to request override.

How to Apply

To apply, please go to the Apply to Business & Entrepreneurship Minor page.

If you have questions, please contact COB Advising.