NOTE: The COB Buddy program is in the process of being approved to become COB Inc (College of Business International Network Club).  This club's main focus will still be connecting with the incoming exchange students and planning engagement activities to enhance social, cultural, and professional connections with our international friends.  If interested, send an email to or feel free to join the Facebook group that has been started at:

The club allows students to develop leadership and communication skills as well as cross-cultural understanding.  Students partipating in COB Inc will offer support and friendship to new exchange and international students helping them to adapt more easily to this new cultural experience, to learn about OSU and the COB from a student’s perspective, and understand what life is like at an authentic American university.  Exchange students are here for only 1-2 terms typically, which is why having a local connection is an important way for them to gain the best experience while attending OSU.  If you can't travel abroad (or even if you can), connecting with our international student visitors can be a fun way to gain global understanding and develop your international network.

COB Buddies

"Becoming a buddy was a great decision for me because it's allowed me to meet many people I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. I've learned a lot about the differences between our world at OSU and universities in other countries, not to mention, learning to be a good friend and helping my buddy adjust and feel welcome." - Ashlie C. (left) with her buddy Christina from Denmark

For more information, read Ashlie's blog post regarding being a buddy.