Taking courses to earn the International Business Option

Business major students who participate in the exchange program will earn the Business Administration-International Business option if they complete all the courses that were pre-approved by a College of Business Exchange Program Coorindator with a grade equivlaent to an OSU C- or better.  Also, students must complete BA 348 and BA 349. Students will take the equivalent of 18 "quarter" credits while overseas. These classes will involve studies in international finance and economics, international marketing, and international management. Depending on the location, students take 4-5 courses throughout the term. Grades earned abroad are calculated into both the OSU and College of Business GPA. Therefore, it's important to do well in classes taken while on the exchange program.


Australia exchange program

Students going to Australia will not earn the International Business Option but may take courses at UTS to satisfy degree requirements in Pre-Business Core, Pro-School Core and/or Major-specific courses, and even Bac Core requirements.  Students earning a Business & Entrepreneurship Minor, if approved to go on this exchange, could potentially take a class or two that will count in the minor. 


Summer options for overseas study

Students who wish to take courses abroad as part of a short-term summer program may wish to consider attending a program offered by one of our exchange partners. These do not provide the International Business option, but may offer coursework toward major, bacc core or for cultural learning in general. See an advisor to discuss your interests and the offerings at one of these institutions or programs.