Apparel design and product development professionals design sportswear, suits, dresses, coats, accessories and just about everything else people wear. Designers research color and style trends to create concepts and sketches for fashions one to two years in advance of the market. Some create new garment styles while others adapt styles from a previous season. Currently admissions into the apparel design program have been suspended pending curriculum review to better align with the needs of industry.

Pattern makers make designs a reality by working out proportions and exact details of style for production. Apparel design includes specializations in active sportswear, protective clothing for industry, functional apparel for people with physically challenging conditions and costuming for the theater. All of these careers are open to talented men and women with degrees in apparel design from OSU.

Prospective careers

Oregon State Career Services has useful information on what graduates can do with a degree in Apparel Design, including related skills, career planning information and possible careers, such as:

  • Apparel Designer
  • Apparel Engineer
  • Technical Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Color/Trend Forecaster
  • Brand Manager
  • Computer Aided Design Specialist
  • Pattern maker
  • Specifications Coordinator
  • Fabric/Trim Coordinator
  • Cost/Production Manager
  • Product Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Theater Costume Designer
  • Costume Shop Supervisor