BIS class project in action

In addition to the business core learning goals and objectives, the BIS program trains students to:

  • Analyze and model the flow of information throughout business processes.   
  • Analyze, assess and design information system infrastructures to support business processes considering the cost and benefit of both existing and future options.  
  • Facilitate communications between business process owners and information systems developers.
  • Quickly and efficiently immerse themselves and contribute to the information system operations of organizations. 
  • Formulate plans and architectures for the capture, storage, dissemination and analysis of an organization's data.    
  • Explain, assess and design interactions between hardware, software and people in business processes while considering the development life cycle of information systems.        
  • Apply networking concepts and technologies to the integration of data within and between organizations.           
  • Align information systems and services with business strategy.  
  • Document and monitor the effectiveness of implemented controls, and mitigate the legal and security risks associated with information systems.