This fall the College of Business admitted its first doctoral candidates as part of a new business Ph.D. program.

In November 2013 the Oregon State Board of Higher Education approved the business Ph.D. program for Oregon State, the first in the university’s history. The program will start with concentrations in Accounting and Innovation/Commercialization, with plans to later expand to other disciplines.

This fall is the culmination of a two-year process that began with a directive from Oregon State to the College of Business to create the new Ph.D. program.

Over that time the college created a multidisciplinary task force to study what type of program would work best at Oregon State. Jared Moore, Mary Ellen Phillips Associate Professor of Accounting, served on the task force and was then chosen as the director for the program.

“In academia, there is such a demand for accounting faculty, so from a market perspective a Ph.D. in Accounting makes a lot of sense,” Moore said. 

“The interdisciplinary nature of the Innovation/Commercialization is a big differentiator,” he said. “It follows from our MBA program, which has a track with the same focus. We are the first in the country to have this specific focus.”

Moore said the new program also aligns with the college’s emphasis on innovation. Also, it is a way for Oregon State and the college to grow their reach and influence.

“If you look at the Oregon State strategic plan and mission statement, there’s a sense of wanting to be internationally recognized,” Moore said. “When you have a doctoral program and you’re training people who will go out and be faculty at other universities across the world, you expand the footprint of OSU in a pretty big way. We hire Ph.D.s from other universities but have never put any of our own back into the system. This is a way for us to give back in a sense.”

The first class includes seven students: David Tree, Dilin Wang and Doudou Zhou in Accounting, and Yohan Choi, Iman Hemmatian, Gilsoo Lee and David Vasquez in Innovation/Commercialization.