The College of Business offers numerous scholarships to new and continuing students.

  • New students interested in scholarships should complete the University Scholars Application (OSU Application for Admission including all scholarship questions) by Feb. 1 to qualify.
  • Continuing students interested in scholarships have through Feb. 15 to complete the OSU Scholarship Application (listed below).

OSU & COB Scholarship Applications

  • OSU Scholarship Application: Open Nov. 15 through Feb. 15.  To be eligible for the College of Business portion of the OSU Scholarship Applications, students must be undergraduates seeking their first bachelor's degree and be pursuing a pre- or pro-major in the Corvallis campus College of Business. For students who are not business majors, acceptance and completion of a change of major form need to be complete by Jan. 15, as well as completion of the COB portion of the Financial Aid Scholarship Application by Feb. 15.
  • Transfer Student Scholarship: For incoming transfer students seekings their first bachelor's degree as a pre-major in the College of Business.
  • Newcomb Scholarship: Open Nov. 15 through March 1.  For incoming freshmen and transfer students 
  • Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Future Business LeadersFor high school juniors
  • Berry Industry Scholars Program: For OSU undergraduates majoring in the life sciences interested in the berry industry and pursuing an MBA

Outside Scholarships 

Tips for writing thank-you letters

It's important to express gratitude to the donors who make scholarships possible. Here are some suggestions for writing a good thank-you note.