The College of Business offers numerous scholarships to new and continuing students.

  • New students interested in scholarships should complete the University Scholars Application (OSU Application for Admission including all scholarship questions) by Feb. 1 to qualify.
  • Continuing students interested in scholarships have through Feb. 15 to complete the OSU Scholarship Application (listed below).

To be eligible, students must be pursuing a pre- or pro-major in the College of Business. For students who are not business majors, acceptance and completion of a change of major form need to be complete by Jan. 15, as well as completion of the COB portion of the Financial Aid Scholarship Application by Feb. 15.

OSU & COB Scholarship Applications

Outside Scholarships 

Tips for writing thank-you letters

It's important to express gratitude to the donors who make scholarships possible. Here are some suggestions for writing a good thank-you note.