TitleWithholding Accommodation Requests: The Role of Workgroup Supportiveness and Requester Attributes.
Publication TypeConference Papers
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBaldridge, D
Conference NameAcademy of Management Best Papers Proceedings
Date Published2005
KeywordsManagement, MBA

Past studies show that people with disabilities often do not request needed workplaceaccommodation yet little is known about factors that influence the extent of this behavior. Based
on the help-seeking and disabilities literatures, workgroup supportiveness is thought to be a
dominant factor yet the strength of its influence can also be expected to vary depending on
attributes of the requester’s disability and the presence of others with disabilities. Survey data
from 555 people who have hearing impairments is used to test hypothesized relationships.
Findings are consistent with help-seeking theory that asserts the importance of fear of losing
power and status in determining the extent to which people withhold requests for assistance.

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