College of Business Dean’s Academy Option

The Dean’s Academy Option in the College of Business is a cohort-based experience for high achieving freshmen, transfer students, and current undergraduate students in the College of Business who wish to maximize the educational and experiential aspects of their college experience.  Components of the option, including smaller class sizes and access to exclusive events, encourage intellectual curiosity and active engagement in the educational process, and develop graduates into next generation business leaders who are visionaries and responsible citizens.


  • Core business classes with enriched curriculum that promotes personal engagement, intellectual development, and a sense of community. 
  • Designated smaller classes with fellow Dean’s Academy students, allowing you to engage in deeper discussions with your professors and peers.
  • Invitations from the Dean to attend exclusive opportunities with forums, seminars, and events featuring thought leaders in business.
  • Admission into the College of Business professional school and your desired business or design major through a simplified application process available to student who meet GPA and major eligibility requirements at time of application.
  • Exclusive career development events to help you grow your professional network for internships and job hunting include “How to Stand Out in a Crowd” workshops and coffee talks with industry panelists.
  • A transcript visible degree option.


Entrance to the option is very competitive and will be allowed once a term based on the criteria below.

  • Incoming first-year students (entering from high school): 3.75 cumulative unweighted high school GPA or 1300 on the SAT (new scale) or 27 on the ACT.
  • Incoming transfer students (entering OSU from another academic institution): 3.5 cumulative transfer GPA.
  • Current enrolled OSU students: 3.5 cumulative OSU GPA.

Note: Students who are eligible, but choose not to apply for the Dean’s Academy Option, will still have access to exclusive events available to those in the option.  However, students who do not declare the option will not able to register for COB Honors/Dean’s Academy courses nor will they be eligible to submit the abbreviated Pro-School application for Dean’s Academy Option students.

Invitation and Application

Invitations: Entering first-year students and transfer students that meet eligibility requirements will be invited to join, as part of START, in the first term subsequent to their arrival at OSU.  Additional information sessions may be available at START. 
Eligible continuing students will be sent an invitation at the beginning of each term to apply for entry in the following term.

Application: The Dean’s Academy Option application is a short form requesting student information and permission to apply the Dean’s Academy Option to the student academic record.  The deadline to reply to the invitation via the application will be the end of week 5 each term.

Notification of Selection: After evaluation for continued eligibility, students will be notified of selection results during week 7 of each term.  Admitted students will be able to enroll in the Honors Dean’s Academy course sections the following term.

Dean’s Academy Courses

Dean’s Academy sections are shared with the Honors College and are coded for Dean’s Academy Option students. These sections are indicated by an H, i.e. BA 230H.

  • A section of each College of Business course within the Honors College are coded for the Dean’s Academy Option allowing students with the option code to register for the courses without additional permission or overrides from COB Advising. 
  • Students admitted to the Honors College will be eligible to enroll in a mirrored section coded for Honors degrees. 
  • Please note: if the course has class standing or other restrictions, you may need an applicable override from an advisor.

Retention Requirements

Admitted Dean’s Academy Option students must maintain at least a 3.25 OSU cumulative GPA and attend at least one College of Business event each term.

If a student’s OSU cumulative GPA falls below 3.25, they will be notified during week two of the term regarding removal in the subsequent term.  If the GPA is subsequently above admission requirements, an invitation to reapply to the Dean’s Academy Option will be sent via email.

Degree Option Criteria

To be eligible to graduate with the Dean’s Academy Option, students must also meet the requirements of the option: complete a minimum of 21 credits, 15 of which must be at the upper-division level, of business or design coursework that have been designated as Honors sections (i.e., the course has an “H” designation such as BA 160H). All 300- and 400-level courses are considered upper-division courses. Any Honors section offered in the college can be used to satisfy the Dean’s Academy Option requirements.


Please contact Marcella or Amy in COB Engagement if you have any questions.