Undergraduate scholarships

The College of Business offers numerous scholarships to new and continuing students.

  • New students interested in scholarships should complete the University Scholars Application (OSU Application for Admission including all scholarship questions) by February 1.  Additionally, students are encouraged to complete the OSU Scholarship Application (listed below).
  • Continuing students interested in scholarships have through February 15 to complete the OSU Scholarship Application (listed below).

OSU & COB Scholarship Applications

  • OSU ScholarDollars: Open Nov. 1 through Feb. 15.  To be eligible for the College of Business portion of the OSU Scholarship Applications, students must be undergraduates seeking their first bachelor's degree and be pursuing a College of Business major on the Corvallis main campus, e-campus, or Portland campus. Students who are not business majors must meet with an advisor to change their major by the end of week two and then complete the COB portion of the OSU Scholarship Application by February 15.
  • Incoming Student Scholarships
    • Freshmen: For incoming freshmen students seeking their first bachelor's degree as a major in the College of Business.  All scholarship awards are offered subject to the availability of funding.
    • Transfer: For incoming transfer students seekings their first bachelor's degree as a major in the College of Business. Students transferring from Portland Community College (PCC) should also fill out this application to apply for PCC-specific transfer scholarships. 
  • Study Abroad Scholarships: For current COB students interested in Study Abroad opportunities. All scholarship awards are offered subject to the availability of funding.
  • Future Business LeadersFor high school juniors, application open Dec. 1 through Feb. 15.
  • Berry Industry Scholars Program: For OSU undergraduates majoring in the life sciences interested in the berry industry and pursuing an MBA.
For information on scholarship renewal, click here.

Graduate Scholarships

Information on applying to graduate level scholarships can be found with the MBA Financial Assistance information.

Current COB Scholarships

  • Newcomb Family Scholarship
  • Robert E Shirley Scholarship  
  • Chevron International Experience Scholarship  
  • Deloitte Scholarship  
  • Joe D Lewis Scholarship  
  • Everson Family Scholarship  
  • Doris Hageman Whalen Memorial Scholarship  
  • Oliver Family Scholarship  
  • McClure Family Scholarship  
  • David M Gazeley Scholarship  
  • Gordon Decker Family Scholarship  
  • Jacqueline E Swint Scholarship  
  • Barnes D Rogers Family Scholarship  
  • Lauren Denfeld & Danielle Denfeld-Groves Fellowship  
  • Zamsky Family Scholarship  
  • Pace Exchange Scholarship
  • Mike & Laura McCluskey Scholarship  
  • Jack Rettig Scholarship  
  • Ann E & David A Thompson Family Scholarship  
  • Steve Johnson Fellowship  
  • Joan D Austin Memorial Scholarship  
  • Ilene Kleinsorge Doctoral Fellowship  
  • Steven & Marjatta Daniels Business Scholarship   
  • Foodguys Values Business Scholarship  
  • Helen Mae Cropsey Memorial Scholarship  
  • Susan J McGregor & Jean McGregor Scholarship  
  • Dennis & Yvonne Powell Bridge to Success Bus Scholarship
  • Ron & Marilyn Hudson Business Scholarship  
  • Zagunis Business Scholarship  
  • Glenn L Jackson Memorial Scholarship  
  • Marshall & Melissa M Dawes Scholarship  
  • Roy & Winifred Dexter Memorial Scholarship  
  • Jane Goodale Mann Memorial Scholarship  
  • Mary Ellen Phillips Scholarship  
  • Wentworth Business Scholarship  
  • Edna M Jesseph Scholarship  
  • Scandinavian Exchange Scholarship
  • Richard T Harris Memorial Scholarship  
  • Woodard Family Foundation Scholarship  
  • McNeal Family Accounting Scholarship  
  • Glenn Lovett Memorial Accounting Scholarship  
  • Pattee Family Accounting Scholarship  
  • BIS Advisory Scholarship
  • Carol B Sampson Info Technology Scholarship  
  • Arthur Stonehill International Business Exchange Program
  • Reser Family Business Scholarship  
  • Kelly Family Business Scholarship  
  • Sadler Family Busineses Scholarship
  • Maureen Leary Brown MBA Scholarship  
  • Hertrich Family MBA Scholarship  
  • Gilleland Family Fellowship  
  • Berry Industry Scholarship  
  • N Marie Ledbetter Memorial Scholarship  
  • Cecelia T Shuttleworth Scholarship  
  • Gladys Whipple Goode Scholarship  
  • Ruth Beckwith Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship  
  • Dorothy Schilling Memorial Scholarship  
  • Harold W Parker Scholarship  
  • Carol Caughey International Scholarship
  • Zehntbauer Family Foundation Scholarship  
  • Wrenn Family Business Scholarship  
  • Gary & Nancy Kneisel Graduate Scholarship  
  • Edith T Smith Scholarship  
  • Louise J Orner Scholarship
  • 4Word Women Scholarship
  • Ennis Wuite Accounting Scholarship
  • Oregon State Credit Union Scholarship
  • Richard Herrera Family Scholarship
  • Judith Erwin Scholarship  
  • JD Power Launch Corps Fellowship  
  • Alan F & June G McCallister Business Scholarship  
  • Eberhard Family Business Scholarship  
  • Schlesinger Family Foundation Scholarship  
  • Columbia HEHC Scholarship
  • Ray G & Neddra Anderson / Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship
  • Financial Planning Content (H&B Smith)
  • Beaver for Life Scholarship
  • Dean's Graduate Scholarship

Future COB Scholarship Opportunities 

  • Ken & Marta Thrasher Scholarship
  • Melanie & Michael Green Scholarship 

Outside Scholarships 

To search for outside scholarships, please visit the OSU Scholarship Office resource page.

If you are interested in having a scholarship listed, please visit the Scholarship Office's Submission Form.