BIS class project in action

All students earning their undergraduate degree in a Business discipline from the OSU College of Business complete a common business core. This core, consisting of about 100 credits across all four years, provides students with a strong business foundation.

The following learning goals and objectives are in addition to those in the business core learning goals and objectives.

The Business Information Systems (BIS) program trains students to:

  • Analyze and model the flow of information through business processes.
  • Formulate plans and architectures for the capture, storage and retrieval of data.
  • Develop computer programs to support or automate business processes.
  • Apply networking concepts and technologies to support business needs.
  • Align information systems and services with business strategy and formulate plans for the retrieval and analysis of supporting data.
  • Document, monitor and assess the effectiveness of IT controls.
  • Apply standard project management tools and approaches to IS projects