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Online, Portland Hybrid, Corvallis

Business Administration, Organizational Leadership

The College of Business’ graduate minors in business are expressly developed to deliver targeted business skills and leadership acumen for high-achieving graduate students in all academic disciplines, and, therefore, all industries. These programs are highly flexible, and attainable through our range of learning modalities, in-person, online or a hybrid mix of both formats. We are Oregon’s leading business educational partner. These are the skills that will accelerate your career path across all professions.

Business Administration

The business administration graduate minor is designed to serve current OSU graduate students from other graduate disciplines with the business fundamentals and leadership necessary for business success across industries.

Offered in-person in Corvallis and fully online through Ecampus, your graduate minor in business administration is obtained through 15 credits of required coursework for Masters programs and 18 credits of required coursework for Ph.D. degree programs. Minor code: 2049

Required Coursework
Course Number Course Name Hours
BA 513 Business Legal Environment 3
BA 514 Operations Management 3
BA 515 Managerial Decision Tools 3
BA 516 Creating Value in Exchange 3
BA 517 Markets & Valuation 3
BA 518 Adopting the Entrepreneurial Mindset 3

Organizational Leadership

The graduate minor in organizational leadership is tailored to provide the skills for business professionals and cross-disciplinary graduate study. The program provides an evidence-based exploration of organizational behavior, negotiations, team management, job design, evaluation and motivation of employees, human resource management, conflict management, employee stress and work-life balance for non-College of Business graduate students. These skills are applicable across a wide range of disciplines for both Masters and Ph.D. graduate students. Students can customize their minor with a minimum of three to six credits of approved elective credits. Minor code: 2048

Offered in‐person in Corvallis, through the hybrid program of in‐person and online coursework in Portland, and fully online through Ecampus, your graduate minor in organizational leadership is obtained through 10 credits of required coursework while elective coursework contributes 6 credits for Masters and 8 credits for Ph.D. degree programs.

Required Coursework
Course Number Course Name Credits
BA 550 Organization Leadership and Management 3
MGMT 552 Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT 553
or MGMT 572
Human Resources Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT 574 Negotiations 3
Elective Coursework1
Select a minimum of 3 credits for Masters and 6 credits for Ph.D. students: 3-6
BA 518 Adopting the Entrepreneurial Mindset
BA 562 Managing Projects
BA 569 Advanced Strategic Management
MGMT 548 Employee Recruitment and Selection
MGMT 549 Compensation Management
MGMT 559 Managing Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
MGMT 572 Strategic Human Resource Management
PPOL 511 Public Organizations and Leadership
PSY 571 Graduate Psychometrics
PSY 596 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Total Credits 15-19

1 Or as approved by the Graduate Business Programs Office

Admission requirements

Graduate business minors are exclusively available to OSU graduate students from academic disciplines outside the College of Business. To discuss admission to the graduate business minor, please contact the Graduate Business Programs Office at or (541) 737-5510.

Additional educational options

The graduate business minor is designed for a specific current graduate candidate, but we have a comprehensive range of graduate business program offerings. These programs are designed to give you the business and leadership skills that help you stand out with employers. Graduate classes are taught by our renowned College of Business faculty and we have a strong network of industry partners and alumni who support research with our graduate students. Learn more.