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At the Oregon State University College of Business, we elevate business education to support success for all learners, everywhere.

We are committed to providing the best business education — accessibly, inclusively and flexibly — the way our students and industry partners demand business education now. That is why we developed undergraduate business certificates and microcredentials for those looking for business expertise from a highly-acclaimed institution of learning, but with the precise skills, condensed timelines and educational quality that learners everywhere now seek.

Welcome to a new path to business education and excellence!

Fast and Flexible

The Microcredential

Microcredentials are fast, flexible learning formats that sharpen or add trend-driven skills to your career portfolio.

With support from College of Business academic advisors, microcredentials also can be the building blocks of your bachelor’s degree.

Microcredentials, about 8 to 12 credits or three to five classes, are available to nondegree-seeking students, degree-seeking students and working professionals.

A mircrocredential is not noted on your official transcript, but you’ll earn an online badge for your professional profile.

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Meet the growing demand for skilled workers who know how to leverage business analytics and evaluate consumer information and behavior. Learn how to apply the principles of human behavior to a variety of business contexts — by earning a microcredential in consumer analytics fundamentals.

This 12-credit microcredential provides an introduction to marketing, allows for an understanding of the consumer behaviors and processes that lead to purchases, and the tools to collect, evaluate and apply data and information for better organizational decision making. Individuals that work within marketing functions of their organization would benefit from completing this microcredential.

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People are increasingly online. For brands to reach them, it’s essential to have a strong digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever for marketers to personalize, amplify and measure their message to potential customers.

Earning a microcredential in digital marketing fundamentals online from Oregon State University will help you better understand digital channels, tools and trends — including search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) — so you can rapidly grow your business and advance organizational goals.

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The world is changing faster than ever, and our economy needs creative leaders who can readily identify new ventures and remain agile through complex and uncertain times.

When you earn a microcredential in innovation and entrepreneurship: opportunity identification online from Oregon State University, you’ll learn design-thinking principles that will help you quickly identify and scale emerging business opportunities. This microcredential gives you an overview of the basic principles of entrepreneurship, common mistakes and pitfalls as well as a framework for process innovation.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, the rate of occupational injuries and illnesses in the state of Oregon is higher than the national average. Moreover, there is shortage of available occupational safety specialists in operations and supply chain management.

The occupational safety in supply chain management 8-credit microcredential is designed to help prepare supply chain specialists to manage exposures to hazards that affecting operational workers. Coursework topics include standards and laws for occupational safety, emergency and disaster management and service operations management.

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Leadership is the ability to inspire other people to reach higher levels of performance, and by earning a microcredential in organizational leadership online from Oregon State University, you'll develop the skills that businesses need most so you can help motivate people and teams to achieve greater success.

This 12-credit microcredential will equip you with the competency to understand employee thoughts, emotions and behaviors; explore effective leadership styles that best fit your personality and preferences; and develop leadership in the capacity of mentoring and cross-culture communication.

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When you earn an online microcredential in professional sales from Oregon State University, you’ll learn the concepts and principles behind effective sales strategies and become skilled in identifying opportunities, persuasive communication and personal selling techniques.

The professional Sales 12-credit microcredential may be applied directly toward a variety of Oregon State’s online bachelor’s degrees in business.

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When you earn a microcredential in professional readiness, you'll be a professional with the skills, knowledge and abilities that employers need most when it comes to hiring and promoting individuals. The courses provide evidence-based training in core professional skills including understanding and planning a career path, understanding workplace norms and expectations, compensation and promotion negotiations, and working effectively within a broader organization.

The professional readiness 9-credit microcredential is a subset of the award-winning education-to-career curriculum model, Blueprint, which aims to facilitate students' professional and leadership development and financial literacy.

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The world of retail is evolving as consumer behaviors continue to change. To prepare for industry trends and acquire knowledge that will serve you well throughout your retail career, earn your microcredential in retail management fundamentals.

As a student in this 12-credit microcredential, you’ll learn about all levels of management responsibility related to merchandising and store operations; gain abilities to effectively market brands, products and services; and develop interpersonal skills that you’ll need to become an effective team member and leader.

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The global sports business industry is a rapidly evolving area of work. And this booming field needs professionals who can manage growth opportunities and cultivate innovative, data-driven strategies to advance the industry.

The 10-credit microcredential in sports business is ideal for those that want a short, focused program that covers the fundamental aspects of the sports business. This can range from those that are in a communications and marketing or management fields that want to gain exposure to, or be trained for a job in, the sports industry; to athletes that would like to remain in this industry following their professional career.

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Supply chain risks are pervasive within many organizations. The supply chain analytics microcredential provides advanced training in this area, specifically around analytical methods. This 11-credit microcredential provides advanced training in supply-chain research methods, including logistics analysis, to analyze business problems and to inform decision-making. The program is targeted at those employed in the supply chain space that want advanced training.

Coursework topics include supply chain modeling and decision analysis, technology applications in supply chain management and supply chain analytics. Students are expected to complete the supply chain fundamentals microcredential coursework prior to enrolling in this one.

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Learn how to blend practical analysis skills with your newly acquired knowledge of supply chain management — and fine-tune your interpersonal and innovation skills through experiential learning opportunities — when you earn a microcredential in supply chain logistics management and procurement.

This 10-credit microcredential will equip you with in-demand skills in supplier management and contract negotiations in order to apply management practices to supply chain integration and relations. The program is targeted at those employed in the supply chain space that want advanced training, and these abilities will help you stand out as a professional who can help design and improve global supply chain processes and manage supply chain sustainability and resilience.

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The global supply chain is an integral part of life as we know it, and business operations. This 12-credit microcredential in supply chain management fundamentals gives you foundational knowledge and analytical skills that will help you positively impact critical functions of supply operations.

This 12-credit microcredential introduces a process-oriented view of the flows of materials, information, products and services through and across organizational functions, and provides a fundamental understanding of supply chain and logistics management. It also provides the analytic tools to help in supply chain decision making. The microcredential is ideal for those that want a fundamental understanding of supply chain and processes.

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Next Steps

As part of OSU’s requirements for microcredentials, students must complete at least one course in the microcredential after applying for and being accepted to the microcredential program; and at least one of the courses in the program must be taken online via Ecampus.

Current degree seeking students and current non-degree students can enroll in a microcredential program by contacting OSU Ecampus.

New non-degree students should contact the Office of Admissions for more information.