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We’re part of your journey, supporting you, term by term and year by year, until your degree is achieved. We support your ideas — and share ideas — to create the exciting, unique and unforgettable path through college and to your future. Let’s get this started.

Term-by-term course planning

The building blocks of your success

Each term, we help you navigate the classes and pathways to your business and design degree options. But why wait for your appointment? You can get started with your academic planning and get thinking about how all the choices we offer can best work to satisfy your curiosity and your career aspirations.

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Are you newly admitted, transferring from across campus or the country? Are you searching for scholarship and financial planning resources? We have A LOT of questions and A LOT of information to offer — in case you haven’t noticed.

And it helps us to know a little of your back story. Come to “get started” and get yourself on the right page with us, and how we can best help you with all the answers.


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Expert guidance, every term

Meet with your Advisor

You can schedule a meeting with your assigned advisor each term. They’re all experts who support your degree pathway with professionalism and good advice.

We can help you with:

  • Navigate the sometimes-confusing maze of college
  • Help you connect to opportunities and resources that make your academic skills stronger (and may make your skills more marketable once you graduate)
  • Get on (and stay on) the "finish in four" plan to efficiently earn your degree: 
  • Program planning 
  • College of Business information 
  • Campus resource referrals
  • Academic success strategies
  • Internship information 
  • International Exchange information
  • General information about Graduate School and OSU's Accelerated Masters Platform
  • Other questions regarding degree completion

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