Center for Advancing Financial Education (CAFE)

Providing equitable access to financial education within the OSU community and across Oregon.


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Open to all students and Oregonians

CAFE is for Everyone. 

The Oregon State University Center for Advancing Financial Education (CAFE) is housed in the College of Business and is your one-stop financial wellness center, providing services to the OSU community and beyond.

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique—we are here to provide advice; help you get the resources and information to navigate college; and/or make sound financial decisions. We provide free services such as, self-study modules and coursework. Topics include paying for college and all that it entails (billing, financial aid, scholarships, resources, and more), creating a budget, post-college financial planning and much more!

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Meet with a CAFE advisor to talk about your paying for college and other financial literacy needs.
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Access our free, self-study learning modules that provide financial education on a variety of topics like paying for college, building credit, renting, and much more.

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We facilitate presentations and workshops for groups of various sizes on a number of financial topics. Use the following form for ideas on what we can offer and to let us know a little more about your needs.

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Drop-in hours for Winter 2023

Have a quick question about your finances? 

Please note: We are currently working on updating our drop-in hours and locations, which will resume the week of Jan. 9.
Try reaching us during our drop-in hours! Stop by (location TBD) or hop into our Zoom room and we'll connect with you on a first-come, first-served basis. These are meant for quick conversations to help answer urgent questions. Have questions or can't find a time to meet with us? Please email

When: TBD
Where: TBD

What We Do

Financial literacy education empowers students and their families.

Peer advising: We have student peer advisors trained to provide advice and support for basic financial education.

Professional advising: We provide guidance and resources on more complex topics related to paying for college as well as general personal financial well-being.

Presentations: We provide financial education presentations on FAFSA, scholarships, budgeting and other financial topics.

Pre-college programming: We partner with K-12 programs including Junior Achievement, 4H and Financial Beginnings to provide information on paying for college, financial planning, budgeting, student loans, FAFSA workshops and pathways to college.

Online OSU class: We offer a two-credit online course for non-business majors, Financial Literacy for College Life (BA 140). Learn more about our course here!

On-demand education: We have free, self-service financial literacy learning modules, some of which are customized for OSU students. 


62% of Oregonians spend more than they earn, while 29% of Oregonians don't have enough cash to cover a $2,000 emergency.


70% of OSU students believe finances may interfere with their ability to graduate while 54% of Millennials express worry about their ability to pay back student loans.


33% of adults worldwide can demonstrate an understanding of basic financial concepts.

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We're in WUE!

Out-of-State Discounted Tuition Opportunity

Oregon State University is part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) network, a partnership that helps students in 18 U.S. states and territories with paying for college. WUE allows us to offer a tuition discount — the WUE scholarship — to out-of-state students. WUE limits non-resident tuition as a College of Business student to no more than 150% of in-state tuition rates; this translates to nearly $15,000 of savings per year. Eligible students are considered automatically for this competitive scholarship based on a holistic review of their application for admission.

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