Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights

Providing professional marketing insights and research in an experiential learning environment

Who we are

The Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights (formerly named the C2C Marketing Lab) provides professional market research and consulting services in order to provide insight into markets, businesses and today’s consumers.

Our teams are led by marketing faculty who mentor teams of students in the field and in the classroom. In doing that, the center brings faculty expertise and research experience into the business community and provides students with experiential learning opportunities that prepare them for marketing careers. Through these efforts, we support the College of Business, Oregon State University, and Oregon's economic development.

Students and faculty team up for the OSU rebranding project

When Oregon State's University Relations and Marketing took on the tremendous task of refining the brand, they called in a range of experts, including our Center for Marketing and Consumer Inisghts research and consulting team.

With the center's results, URM has released "Out There" as a multifaceted campaign that includes extensive advertising on Portland’s MAX light rail trains, digital ad campaigns, and much more planned. The campaign shows dramatic landscapes and locations that reflect the many and far corners of the globe where our academics and research resources lead us.

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For more information about how the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights can help your business, contact Johnny Chen at 541-713-8041 or Chen can speak with you about your specific research needs and answer questions about next steps and research fees.

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