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Plan and create your academic path.

Bacc core, biz core, Blueprint and more

Earning your credits, how it works

Like a well-balanced meal, your education will involve different “groups” of classes.

First up are baccalaureate core, or "Bacc Core" — OSU required credits in science and humanities. Next, we have business and design core that teach the foundations of our degree programs. We also have major degree program credits, typically the 300- or 400-level courses. And we have the professional skills series, Blueprint.

Let’s take a closer look at all the academic coursework.

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Breakdown of your credit counts
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Transfer students — Welcome

Transferring your credits

We want you to have the best experience while fine-tuning the details of your college transfer. We want you to maximize the work you’ve already done as well as get comfortable here. Ranging from your informal transcript evaluations that may have been conducted online, to your START orientation for transfer students coming to Corvallis, to your first advising consultation to plan future academic terms, this page will give you the basic about how the advising team can help you.

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Majors, options, double majors, etc.

Navigating the business offerings

We offer 14 major programs of study, for example accounting or finance, that impress directly onto your diploma.

We also have 15 program options, that reflect a heightened expertise within your major.

Worth noting, more than half of our students seek a double major, and we also have a double degree for students from other colleges.

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Sound business skills for ~30 credits here

The business minors

There is a business side to every occupation. Period. And with about 8 to 10 classes, you’ll have these skills for life. Oregon is driven by both small businesses and large enterprises in diverse industries ranging from special metals to engineering to agriculture to food and beverage. That’s why our business minors are designed to help every student understand the essentials of business success and leadership.

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Business skills for every academic discipline

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Each term, we help you navigate the classes and pathways to your business and design degree options. But why wait for your appointment? You can get started with your academic planning and get thinking about how our offerings can work to satisfy your curiosity and your career aspirations.

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