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COB Private Tutors (for a fee):

The College of Business (COB) maintains this private tutor list for the convenience of students seeking help with various business and design-related subjects. We do not screen or vet the tutors listed. If you contact a tutor below, you assume full responsibility of determining that they meet your qualifications and they are someone with which you are comfortable. Tutors and tutees own the entire tutoring experience and need to take full responsibility for all aspects of this experience.

This list of potential tutors will be updated weekly. The expectation is that these tutors are in the general Corvallis area; however, many tutors are available for virtual tutoring if you ask. Tutors are not allowed to tutor for sections of a course for which they also serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA).

International students have immigration rules which do not allow them to receive payment for working as a private tutor.  If you are an international student, you are not allowed to tutor in this way.  For more information, contact an international advisor or review this.

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To help make the tutoring experience work smoothly, read these materials before starting the tutoring process:


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Virtual Tutoring Resources


Other private tutoring resources:

Free Tutoring Services:

OSU Corvallis campus tutoring areas...and more:
(free, hours vary, some available virtually)

  • The Commons — A safe, welcoming space to provide students with academic support and build community. Tutoring for BA 240/BA 360, BA 223/BA 390 and various other topics.
  • Beta Alpha Psi tutors, (the Accounting Group) drop-in sessions for BA 211/213/315 
  • Economics Tutors—Bexell Hall 100H
  • Free instructional videos from Khan Academy
  • The InnovationX Business Idea Development Studio is a place for you to work on any assignment that includes creating business ideas, developing business models, or pitching ideas (e.g. BA260). Our trained peer consultants love hearing about your ideas and helping you make sure that you’ve responded effectively to each assignment.
  • Math & Stats Learning Center—108 Kidder Hall
  • Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio—Main floor Valley Library
  • Residence Halls and OSU Cultural Centers also have Math/Writing Tutors available
  • Supplemental Instruction (aka SI study tables for BA 211, 213, 275, ECON 201, ECON 202, MTH 111, MTH 241; sign up before you come)
  • Excel Help. Find tutorials and explanations of how to do various tasks in Excel, including helpful screenshots.


Questions? Please email Brenda Sallee, College of Business advisor.