All students earning their B.A./B.S. diploma from the OSU College of Business complete business core or design core classes which make up more than half of all degree credits. These are common core classes that start in 100 levels in your first year, and move into 300- and 400-level courses as you advance.

The following learning goals and objectives are in addition to those in the business core learning goals and objectives.

Design and Innovation Management graduates will be professionally competent to:

  • Identify, define and describe design management practice in relation to various types of businesses and business models and its effect on social, environmental, political, cultural, and economic systems.
  • Identify, define and solve human-centered design opportunities
  • Formulate and conduct design research
  • Apply design thinking and visual thinking processes to understand the framework of problem solving.
  • Explore and iterate multiple ideas.
  • Express ideas through visual representations and create prototypes that consider utility, usability and desirability of solutions.