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Become your best self – the one that will go out into the world, effect change and be a difference maker. You'll develop professional skills like critical thinking, teamwork and communication – inside and outside the classroom.  

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Oregon's no. 1 part-time MBA

You can earn an Oregon State MBA fully online, in-person, or via our hybrid model – in Portland or Bend. You can be a full-time student, complete an accelerated 9-month, or choose Oregon's best part-time MBA program. We work with you to find the right balance so that you can keep your MBA on track. Oh – and our graduates reported a 95 percent job placement rate in 2017.

Executive and Professional Education

Upskill your team, develop a new job skill for yourself, or earn a professional certificate: All with our executive and professional trainings and workshops. Learn more about our continuing education offerings.

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Apply for scholarships in February

You're making an important and significant investment in attaining your business degree. Keep in mind the scholarship application deadline for current students on February 15 and the deadline for future students on February 1. We have scholarships for international study; we have resources for unexpected events, and more. Let's see how we can help.

This is your resource for everything that is happening at the College of Business! e.g., the Fridays in Austin professional networking and skills development platform, events that are required by Innovation Nation and Second-Year Experience and much, much more. Keep tabs on what's happening in the College of Business, in Austin Hall, and key opportunities around campus.


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