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Leverage student talent and faculty expertise via sponsored projects, competitions and research to extend your workforce capacity and address challenges your business faces.

These sponsorships provide opportunities to interface with students and faculty, explore solutions to business challenges and give students hands-on experience.

  • Students work with world-class businesses to identify issues, challenges, opportunities and solutions.
  • Students and faculty handle sensitive information and data.

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Areas of expertise

In addition to our 20+ program areas, we offer hands-on expertise in:

Market Research

Through the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights (formerly the C2C Marketing Lab) we provide professional market research and consulting services giving insights into markets, businesses, and today’s consumers.

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Data Analytics

Our Center for Business Analytics integrates the expertise and experience of faculty and students to create data-driven solutions. We provide data and text mining, data visualization and exploration, predictive modeling, optimization, and more.

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Case Study


Burgerville, the PBurgerville, the Pacific Northwest’s locally sourced, sustainably-minded fast-food chain, planned their expansion into Corvallis in 2017. Restaurant executives - in this age of big data - sought to learn from their vast pool of data about custom customer ordering.

Like many corporations, Burgerville has limited in-house expertise in business analytics, which falls outside the company’s core competency. Intrigued with the prospect of using big data, Burgerville sought a fresh, new view from outside company headquarters, and turned to OSU business analytics MBA students.


Find customers’ preferences for menu combinations and target product promotions.

Set up

Two teams of 10 students were assigned to Burgerville. One team focused on menu combinations; the other team focused on product promotions.

Students accessed the Burgerville IT infrastructure to analyze data from customer orders.

Students determined that it was a missed opportunity not to suggest that customers add fries and a drink to build a meal because customers were not necessarily adding the items.


  • Improved customer satisfaction: After bundled ordering was introduced, Burgerville saw a 19 percent increase in guests returning within a set time.
  • The restaurant chain rolled out the new guest-connect ordering strategy across all restaurants in spring 2018.
  • They saw a 25% increase in sales of bundled orders on the mobile platform.

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