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The first step to recruiting at the OSU College of Business is to register on Handshake, OSU’s online recruiting website.

You can post jobs, collect resumes, schedule interviews and register for career events such as fairs and workshops. You can list part-time jobs for students while they are in school (usually September to June), summer positions (full- or part-time), internships and seasonal or full-time jobs. You can manage all applications through the system or direct students to an alternative application site.

Students across OSU use Handshake to find internship and employment opportunities, maximizing the number of students who view your postings. Handshake also allows you to set advance advanced filtering options among potential hires to find the best fit.

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Partnering with us

When your company becomes involved as a sponsor for our College of Business Career Success Center you are supporting the professional development of our students. We recognize this commitment in a number of ways, offering premium access to our students, membership on our industry advisory council and much more.

Many students earn coveted internships or jobs with our top employers. But, more importantly, together we guarantee that each student interacts with a range of professionals and learns from these experiences broadly. Our sponsors help convey this valuable experience.

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Opportunities For Recruiting A Beaver

Career Fairs

Career fairs are held three times a year. These events allow thousands of students to meet and network with more than 100 companies and learn about internship and job opportunities.

We also offer private rooms for employers to hold on-campus interviews, available during fall, winter and spring terms.


Blueprint is our professional development program for undergraduate students. We partner with our alumni and friends in industry to give students opportunities to learn about different industries, explore career pathways, and find their passion through presentations, workshops, networking events and professional development activities.

Hire an Intern

Internships are a great opportunity to develop future talent. You have the opportunity to evaluate and screen potential employees prior to making a full‐time position offer which leads to financial savings. Employers have reported converting more than half of eligible interns into full‐time hires. No internship program? We can help you create one.

From the Dean

We know that trained and tested graduates mean a skilled and innovative workforce to drive a strong economy.

Tim Carroll, Ph.D., Sara Hart Kimball Dean of the College of Business

Hire a MBA Graduate

When you hire a OSU MBA graduate, you're choosing an ambitious, intelligent and motivated professional.

Many are already balancing careers and graduate education as well as their own lives. They've made the smart decision to advance their career prospects through the pursuit of a secondary degree, and they've chosen a cost-effective and highly reputable graduate school — the no. 1 part-time MBA in Oregon.

They've completed a dynamic education, focused on organizational leadership, analytics or other in-demand skill set. They've pursued in-depth, results-driven research projects for their own companies or for industry clients that seek out this knowledge resource.

They're beavers in business, putting our name and reputation up front with their excellence. And you can put them to work for you.

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Sales education for your workforce

Sales Academy: our training solution

As Beavers, we’re always looking for ways to be better — and smarter. This means we are always listening, always responding in ways to make our communities better places to live, play and prosper.

When we heard from business leaders that the one skill they saw lacking in their workforce was selling, we got to work.

We developed the Sales Academy, the only one of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The goal is simple: introduce sales fundamentals to students through hands-on workshops, sessions and competitions led by leading industry sponsors. Students in the Sales Academy take corporate sales trainings, marketing courses focusing on selling skills, and participate in sales and pitch competitions. Upon completion, students earn an Oregon State University Certificate of Professional Sales.

Become a Sponsor 

Companies that sponsor our Career Success Center at the career champion level receive exclusive benefits that offer engagement with student leaders. They are given a seat on our prestigious Career Success Center advisory council, first rights to participate in employer panels, the chance to host a student field trip, and an invitation to judge at the annual Pacific Northwest Sales Competition. Our current career champions, Sherwin-Williams and Northwestern Mutual/The Dragoo Financial Group, have achieved great success in hiring College of Business students for both internships and full-time positions. 

The Dragoo Financial Group

Northwestern Mutual


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