OSU Sales Academy

Empowering students and creating connections to strengthen the relationship between business and academia in the field of professional sales.

What is the Sales Academy?

The OSU Sales Academy is dedicated to developing OSU students into the next generation of sales leaders. Our goal is to introduce sales fundamentals to students with personal coaching from industry experts, hands on sales simulations and sales competitions. The Sales Academy is open to OSU students of all majors and is free based on support from our industry sponsors. Sales Academy students will:

  • Receive hands on sales training from industry experts
  • Learn about sales positions and career opportunities within various industries at professional development events
  • Engage in experiential coursework with Sciolytix Sales Training
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace with a certificate of professional sales
  • Compete in national and regional sales competitions

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Sales Academy students

What students have to say

Santosh Ramesh

Sales Academy has been an integral part of my success through the College of Business, in helping develop not only my interpersonal sales skills but also building a tight-knit family whom I could come to rely upon for knowledge and growth. Even though I was an engineering major, I found my sales abilities useful throughout my life. Sales Academy taught me that selling isn't just about making a transaction; it's about making a lasting relationship with the person you are talking to. I hope you all decide to join and find yourself confidently speaking in a matter of months as I have discovered for myself.

Isabella Johnson

Through competitions put on by Sales Academy, i have gained hands-on sales experience with industry professionals. This meant a lot considering i had no prior sales experience coming into college! I now feel much more confident approaching professional situations, and am so grateful for sales academy and our amazing director Caitlin Gill for providing me with these opportunities.

Tim Shelton

I would never have the opportunities available to me today without the network built, skills developed, and confidence gained that Sales Academy has provided me. The range of challenging & rewarding activities that the institution puts in-front of students is visionary when it comes to what the undergraduate experience can be. This program is a must-participate for those with high career aspirations.

Zak Lehman

Sales Academy has not only been a resume builder, but an opportunity to expand my emotional intelligence and meet some of the smartest and ambitious people I have ever met. My participation in Sales Club and Sales Academy have introduced me to some of my greatest acquaintances, given me opportunities to expand my network and even led to a few great job offers. Sales club and Sales Academy have taught me skills that I'll be using the rest of my life and is a huge part of who I am at today at OSU.

sales academy winners

Certificate in Professional Sales

Through the Oregon State Sales Academy, students have the opportunity to earn their Certificate in Professional Sales. The program is designed for OSU students interested in building their executive presence by participating in experiential learning activities with industry partners designed to build sales skills and competencies.


  • Gain a competitive advantage when seeking employment post-graduation
  • Network with executives from Fortune 500 companies
  • Compete in regional and nationwide sales competitions

To join or request more information for OSU Sales Academy please contact The Sales Academy.

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Get Involved

Sales Academy hosts a variety of events throughout the academic year including sales career fairs, sales competitions and professional development workshops. These events provide students with an opportunity to develop their communication skills and enhance their confidence. We also offer student internships within Sales Academy. These executive level positions simulate real-world sales positions. All events and internships are open to any OSU students, regardless of major.



Our Sales Academy partners are currently seeking interns for the summer of 2023. To learn more please contact sales.academy@oregonstate.edu.

For more information or to get involved with Sales Academy, please contact Eric Nelson, Director, Sales Academy.

Eric Nelson
Director, Sales Academy
College of Business
Austin Hall 461
2751 Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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