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Change. It’s a constant in our world today. Prepare yourself to be a change leader with Beaver Nation through free webinars designed to help you navigate critical business needs. In these 60-minute sessions, OSU industry experts and faculty share case studies, frameworks, and approaches to leadership, business administration and management, diversity, equity and inclusion alongside human resources, project management and online marketing. You’ll walk away from these sessions with new skills that you can implement in your career.

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Building the Best Workplace Culture — An Executive’s Guide to Navigating the Great Resignation

Long hours, too many zoom meetings, short staffing, increased depression and anxiety. All of these symptoms factor into our current cultural dilemma — burn out. 

If your organization is struggling with the effects of the Great Resignation, join this webinar focused on building the best culture to improve employee happiness and build a workplace where people want to stay.

You’ll learn employee retention, recruitment tactics, and corporate benefits as well as employee incentives that matter to knowledge workers today.


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Our instructors average 20 years of working in their craft. Learn from their decades of knowledge as they connect course concepts with everyday experiences that you can start using right away. Check back for future free webinars.

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Contracting In Crisis

During this time of crisis, government contracting involves a level of detail above and beyond many other areas, and it's critical to manage the various components of these documents and relationships effectively.

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DEI in Remote Work Environments

This short, self-paced training provides an overview of remote work and DEI, ways in which remote work can promote and challenge DEI efforts, and a series of practical strategies designed especially for promoting inclusion in remote workplaces.

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Drive Enterprise Value With Lean Six Sigma Project Requirements

Learn how businesses are using Lean Six Sigma to successfully select and launch process improvement projects that maximize enterprise value.

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Recruiting Diverse Talent

This short, self-paced training provides a refresher on why diversity, equity and inclusion makes good business sense before focusing on bias: what it is, how to identify it during the hiring process, and practical steps that can be taken to address it in order to recruit diverse, talented candidate pools.

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Understanding Project Management Risk For Your Business

Understanding risk and issue management basics are foundational to increased personal and business success. As projects by their nature are uncertain and are likely to experience change or face significant challenges. Even projects that have been well planned may fail unless you can use effectively identify and respond to risks and issue early.

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Why Using The Right Content On Any Platform Wins Every Time

As new platforms, technologies, and devices offer innovative ways to reach consumers, the content remains the fundamental building block of marketing strategy. During our webinar, Jeff Marcoux will review content marketing strategy essentials highlight the key principles to advance your career or business.

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Our wide variety of fully-online certificates cover topics like digital marketing, human resources, lean six sigma, and management. Take just one course, or a suite of courses to complete your certificate. No prerequisites are required, and enrollment is easy. These courses will give you the tools to stand out in your current role, a new position, or a new career. You’ll learn from experts in the field who are on top of the latest advancements and best approaches for meeting the challenges of their area.

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