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We're a team, and we’re an integral part of the journey to your degree (or degrees!), on track and on time. We'll help you seek additional academic opportunities and pursue unique projects. Every College of Business student can depend on this customized care and attention — from registering for the right classes, finding interesting projects and clubs, and navigating the wide world of international study. We're a team; we're here for you.

Advisors help you develop strategies for studying and connect you with the right resources if you need help building particular skills, succeeding in a particular class or connecting with a resources and services across campus and into the community.

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Career Success

You're thinking about college success; we're thinking about all your successes that come after that. And we've built you a vast collection of resources, ranging from workshops on résumés and cover letters, interview tips and practice sessions. Most importantly, we've built a vast network of employers and recruiters — many from our network of beavers in business alumni — that want to be a part of your future success.

We've built this because we know how important it is to support you and get you ready for a great career. No other college on campus has a dedicated, specialized career center. We do it because we see the competitive advantage this resource develops in our graduates (that means you), profession-ready from day one.

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Student Centers

Building authentic experiences is the key tenet of our student centers -- the Center for Advancing Financial Education, InnovationX and Sales Academy. All are unique to the College of Business, but open and inclusive to students across OSU and include involvement with the broader community.

Taken together, our student centers are hubs for interaction with OSU students and faculty, learning from community and industry experts and benefiting from personal growth. Whether the skills are planning to launch a successful business, practicing and perfecting the charm and challenges of sales or understanding the lifelong decision matrix of personal finance, your experience with a student center is creative, inspirational and highly valuable.

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Student Success

Student success can seem pretty tangible — a GPA, an exam score, an honors society. But we also know that student success has a number of intangibles such as a memorable introduction, a confident outlook and an understanding of career and life milestones. We look at student success as research-driven data based, and analytically measured. That's right — research.

We've given our student success initiatives fancy names, like Blueprint or Innovation Nation or CAFE, but they are all parts of a single goal — your success. We've studied how to accomplish this, and we'll accomplish this together.

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Study and invest in the markets, write a business plan, test and improve a prototype, build cutting-edge designs. Access you team anywhere via teleconference or simply host a team meeting.

Entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, designers, club leaders, community organizers — you've got the tools you need here. The computer labs, the makerspace, the apparel lab, the range of software access. "If only we had a ..." is not a question here at the College of Business. We've invested in all tools and great technology you need for your great ideas and our cutting-edge business school.

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