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While we’re physically distant, InnovationX is here to build social solidarity as you discover and develop your entrepreneurial potential.

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Launch Pad

The OSU Launch Pad program helps first-year students explore what it means to make new ideas happen. Enroll in Launch Pad and connect with a group of peers who share your passion.

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Launch Academy

Apply to Launch Academy to earn up to $5,000 and coursework credit to get your business idea off the ground. Be part of a community that shares your passion for bringing big ideas to life.

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Launch Academy: A Rising Star

Launch Academy earns the 2021 Deshpande Foundation Rising Star Award for Excellence in Curriculum Innovation. We are very proud of this honor, and the years of hard work behind it.

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Our Stories


Business Patterns for the Fashion World

Venezuelan fashion designer Anielis Raas Lozada, an Innovation Management MBA student, once had a dream to run a hip, little clothing shop in a cool city. Now, she seeks to launch a sustainability-focused clothing line. Raas points out three main problems within the fashion industry that she’d like to address: how the industry portrays women, the environmental impact of the supply chain and the treatment of workers at the manufacturing sites.

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It Gets Real: Mental health anti-stigma campaign receives $60K in funds

When it comes to what success looks like for the non-profit Dam Worth It, it’s not measured in dollars; it's measured in lives saved. Fortunately, this is not Nathan Braaten's first trip to the rodeo; he's iterated business concepts with OSU Launch Academy support and worked with the Advantage Accelerator on multiple occasions. Now he has major funding from the Pac-12 to help students and athletes face their mental health issues, and raise community awareness to end the stigma associated with mental health.

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 “The Terminator” among the angels

An Honors College graduate, a veteran Oregon State Investment Group officer and health care sector analyst, a 2018 outstanding senior honoree from the finance program, a double major in international finance and mathematical economics — and now an analyst of early stage, entrepreneurial ventures. Chiara Marzi’s internships at the Advantage Accelerator earned her a deep understanding of the startup space — and a pretty fierce nickname.

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Student startup takes makerspace on the road

Here’s the idea: Build a mobile makerspace — a transportable trailer consisting of small-scale fabrication and design tools that teach kids about entrepreneurship and collaborative problem solving. Take this new makerspace around Oregon, encouraging rural, minority and other youth to tinker and invent. Spark their creativity. Help them develop new skills in innovation.

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InnovationX Calls for All OSU Innovators to “Join the Club”

To face the challenges of getting a business off the ground, students need knowledge, confidence, resources — and entrepreneurial skills. InnovationX has a strategy to put these pieces together and train students of all majors to become successful business owners. By creating access to networks, mentors, training and resources, InnovationX is a comprehensive center that helps passionate, innovative students from across OSU pursue their ideas.

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