All students earning their undergraduate degree in a business discipline from the OSU College of Business complete a common business core. This core, consisting of about 100 credits across all four years, provides students with a strong business foundation.

The following learning goals and objectives are in addition to those in the business core learning goals and objectives.

The finance program will allow graduates to:

  • Apply the fundamental concepts and tools of finance.   
  • Apply financial management concepts and tools to the decisions faced by a manager in investment decisions.        
  • Apply financial management concepts and tools to the financing decisions and dividend decisions faced by the firm.          
  • Evaluate the corporate governance structure of firms and examine the interactions, from a governance perspective, between firm management, financial markets and stakeholders. 
  • Appraise the risk profile of firms; specifically, estimate the costs of capital, including debt and equity capital using financial data.   
  • Discuss the operations of three distinct capital markets: the equity market, the bond market and the derivatives market, and the financial assets traded in each of these markets.
  • Explain the global financial environment and the globalization process experienced by multinational corporations.