Marketing Career Descriptions

Advertising Involves communicating to your customers through the mass media. Jobs include writing advertising copy, buying space and time in advertising media, and scheduling and supervising the actual production of ads. The account executive is the key link between the ad agency and the client firm.

Retailing is the job of selling to the final consumer. Most entry-level jobs are in sales, but the capable individual can readily progress to managerial responsibility. Opportunities exist in store operations, retail personnel management, and merchandising. The retail buyer is responsible for the success or failure of the merchandise carried by her or his department.

Brand Management is the responsibility for a particular product your firm makes. The brand manager is somewhat like the president of a firm with one product; this person has many responsibilities, including production scheduling, sales, marketing research, transportation, warehousing, advertising, and special events.

Online and Social Media Marketing involves the use of online, digital, and social media tools and platforms as part of an organization’s overall marketing strategy. Jobs include developing social media communications and campaigns, developing an organization or brand’s online presence, collecting and analyzing data from online and digital platforms to generate customer insights, and many other activities.

Marketing Research is the job of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting marketing data. Opportunities exist in manufacturing and service firms, in advertising agencies, and in specialized research consulting firms. You don't have to be a statistician, but you should be comfortable working with numbers and be able to communicate complicated findings in simple, clear English.

Sales is the direct and personal representation of your firm's products and services to consumers and industrial buyers. The typical entry-level job is sales representative. An outgoing personality, competitive spirit, and ability to communicate clearly and effectively are characteristics of the successful salesperson.