Research Suite

The College of Business Research Suite is outfitted with cutting edge technology to conduct marketing and consumer research to deliver business and industry-targeted insights. Located on the third floor of Austin Hall, the Research Suite is available to College of Business faculty, staff and students to conduct these research projects.


308 Austin Hall

Contact Research Suite Directors 
Colleen Bee
Jay Hardy

Audio and Video Recording/IT Help
Kyle Ribbacchi, COB IT Consultant

Request Forms 
Research Suite Request Form If also requesting subjects, use the form below:
Subject Pool and Research Suite Request Form
Research Suite and Subject Pool Guidelines


  • Entry/Lobby Area
  • Interview Room (Austin 306)
    • Comfortable seating for up to four
  • Research Studio/Conference/Focus Group Room (Austin 308D)
    • Conference table with seating for 10-12
    • One-way mirror from control room
    • Big screen TV/computer, white board
  • Computer Lab/Digital Studies Lab (Austin 308B)
    • 14 individual computers (with dividers)
    • One-way mirror from control room
    • Projector, white board
  • Control Room (Austin 308C)
    • Video and audio recording control for research suite rooms 

Research Suite Access

  • Lab security should be maintained at all times.
  • Only researchers and research subjects are allowed in the lab and only at reserved times.
  • Access is through ID card.
  • Lab is available during normal Austin Hall building hours to approved researchers.
  • The lab should be returned to its original order/configuration/cleanliness after each researcher leaves.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the lab, unless required for the study or for payment/incentive.
  • Food and beverage are not allowed in the control room under any circumstances.
  • Entry into the research suite may jeopordize research in progress.
  • To visit the lab, first check the reservation calendar to make sure it is available.