[Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program]

A prestigious, paid internship program sponsored by Oregon industries.


MECOPa prestigious, paid internship program sponsored by Oregon industries.
  • You complete two, six-month-long internships, each at a different MECOP company.
  • Internships are located throughout Oregon.
  • Internships are in Summer/Fall terms of your junior and senior years.
  • Accountancy, Business Information Systems (BIS), Marketing, and Management students may apply.


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How does the MECOP process work?

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Who can apply?

Undergraduate business students majoring in Accountancy, BIS, Finance, Marketing, or Management (specific interest in Project Management) can apply. If you are not majoring in one of these disciplines but are still interested, please email StudentServices@oregonstate.edu


What are the Requirements? 

Requirements for MECOP:

  • Current major in Accountancy, Business Information Systems, Marketing, or Management.
  • Good standing in the COB (minimum AIB GPA of 2.5 with no grade below C-).
  • 90 credits complete by the end of spring term of your sophomore year.
  • Successful completion of courses:
    • ACTG: ACTG 317, ACTG 318, ACTG 319 before first internship

    • BIS: BA 272 or BIS 272, BA 370 or ACTG 378, BIS 371 or BA 371, BIS 372 or BA 372 before first internship.

    • MRKT: BA 223 or BA 390, MRKT 396 before first internship; MRKT 492 before second internship.

    • MGMT: BA 352, MGMT 364 before first internship; two of (MGMT 452, MGMT 453, MGMT 455, MGMT 457) before second internship.


How does the MECOP process work?

Participation in MECOP requires several steps:

1. Application:

  • Apply to the MECOP program in the Winter term of your sophomore year. COB and MECOP will screen your application for eligibility and qualifications.

2. Selection:

  • Participate in a selection interview with MECOP representatives; only after you pass the screening described in step 1 above. MECOP will either select you into the program or decline your application.
  • If accepted, your academic standing (GPA, etc.) will be monitored. Failure to remain in good academic standing could result in removal from the program.
  • Participate in a series of seminars/workshops in the Fall term of your junior year. These seminars/workshops are organized and run by MECOP (they do NOT run through OSU).
  • Complete course work. Complete the required coursework specified above prior to entering your first internship (Summer/Fall at the end of your junior year).

3. Placement:

  • Participate in a placement interview with MECOP company representatives during Winter term of your junior year. This is when MECOP decides what company you will be placed at for your first internship. MECOP does its very best to place all selected students into internships. However, there are no guarantees. Occasionally, fewer students may be placed than were selected. Until you have received confirmation from MECOP of your placement with a company, you remain uncertain about actually acquiring such an internship.
  • Virtually every MECOP company conducts drug testing and criminal background checks after you are placed with that company. Failing either could result in removal from the program. 

4. Junior-Year Internship:

  • Go out on your first MECOP internship in Summer/Fall term at the end of your junior year. During the Fall term, MECOP may ask you to participate in its seminars/workshops for newly selected participants.

5. Return to Campus/Senior Year:

  • Participate in a second placement interview with MECOP company representatives. It is at this time that MECOP will decide where you will be placed for your second internship.

6. Senior-Year Internship/Return to Campus:

  • Go out on your second MECOP internship in Summer/Fall term of the end of your senior year. 


When do students go out on internships?

You should refer to the section above on How the MECOP Process Works for detailed information. Business students go out on MECOP internships from June (after classes end) to December 23rd. This means that most likely you will not be enrolled in any classes during the Fall term (MECOP internships are full-time, 40hr/wk). You must plan your academic schedule accordingly. If interested in the COB Arthur Stonehill exchange program, you should meet with your academic advisor to discuss this in more detail. It may not be possible to do both MECOP and an exchange.



Application information can be found on the MECOP website.

Application Tips:

  • Submit your application prior to the deadline. See the program calendar for application deadlines.
    • Students in the process of transferring to OSU will need to submit an unofficial copy of all transcripts.
  • If you need to make changes to your application you can do so as many times as needed prior to the deadline.
  • Management (MGMT) majors should look for their information under the title Project Management.


Credit for your MECOP Internship:

Students participating in MECOP can register for and receive credit for their time away from campus. BA 410 Internship credit can be used as elective credits that will count toward your 180 total credits needed to graduate. BA 410 credit can also be used to satisfy internship requirements for a major in the College of Business. If you do not need any additional credits as part of your academic program, you may register for BA 004, a no-cost and zero-credit, transcript-visible internship course.  If you are not sure whether or not you need internship elective credits, make an appointment to see your Advisor.

How to enroll for and claim internship credits for MECOP:

You will need to Request an Experience in Handshake to register and get credit for your internship. Internship requests must be completed before registering for a COB internship course, BA 410 or BA 004, and before starting the internship. The form will ask for the following information:

  • Experience Type: College of Business - MECOP Academic Internship Experience
  • Faculty Supervisor: Larry Martin
  • Credits: Successfully completing a 40 hour a week/6-month MECOP internship is considered equivalent to 12 credits. The maximum number of BA 410 credits that can be counted toward your degree is 16. If you take 12 credits of BA 410 on your first six-month internship, you will have only 4 credits available for your second. You must plan accordingly. The BA 410 form will ask you to fill in the credit amount. If you are planning to register for BA 004, the equivalent number of hours and credits needs to be completed on the form, as well. Refer here for detailed information.

Means of Evaluation:

To receive BA 004 or BA 410 MECOP credit, you must have successfully completed the associated amount of time and work during your MECOP internship. This will be assessed by means of the scores that you receive from your MECOP employer as expressed on your mid-term or final 'MECOP appraisal' reports (these are the reports that your MECOP employer submits to MECOP to report on your performance during your internship).


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the important dates and deadlines for MECOP?

Please refer directly to the calendar online at the MECOP website for specific information. For an overview of the MECOP process, please refer to the How does the MECOP process work section above.

When do I take the BA 407 MECOP seminar class and when do I register for it?

The BA 407 seminar class no longer exists. MECOP took this work in-house in 2022.

When do I turn in my resume to MECOP?

MECOP will prompt you for resume submission. This process is web based.

What is the salary range for a MECOP internship?

Salaries vary between companies but MECOP has set a minimum for business students of $18/hr.

How does housing work? Is it provided?

Housing is not provided by MECOP at any of its locations. You must make your own housing arrangements. Many students find other MECOP students to share housing arrangements. About 90% of MECOP internships are located in the Portland metro area.

How many openings are there?

The number of positions in a specific major will vary from year to year.