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Larry Martin


Office: 541-990-6848

Austin Hall

Austin Hall 477

2751 SW Jefferson Way

2751 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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College of Business
  • Home City, State, and Country
    • Salem, Oregon, USA
  • Education:
    • MBA, Willamette University
    • BS Business, OSU
  • Work History:
    • Over 40 years in various levels of Manufacturing Management
    • Retired Business Development Director, Allegheny Technologies Inc
      • Corporate Strategy, International / Domestic Marketing, Product Development
    • Previous owner of two small businesses
  • Professional History:
    • Current Abiqua Academy School Board
    • Past MECOP Chair (twice)
  • Any other interesting information about me
    • Beaver Believer, four kids / nine grand kids, likes golf
  • Past, Current, or Future Sections:
    • BA260. BA281, BA357, BA363,
    • BA458, BA460. BA468, BA569
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I currently have no publications listed within this site.