Learn to use the cutting-edge tools of the design industry

The Design programs within the College of Business require the purchase of a laptop. It is expected that each student will have purchased a laptop that meets these requirements for their specific program.  Typically, the first course needing a laptop and software will be DSGN 121.

Windows vs MacOSx: Which should I choose?

Some programs and classes will require software that will only run on a Windows-based laptop. If you choose to purchase an Apple laptop, depending on your program, you may be unable to complete required coursework.

  • Apparel Design (AD): Windows or Mac
    Students in Apparel Design require a laptop running either Mac OSx or Windows. Some business courses require software that is Windows only.

  • Design & Innovation Management (DIM): Windows strongly recommended
    Students in Design and Innovation Management a Windows-based laptop is strongly recommended. It is possible to use a laptop running Mac OSx for most coursework, but some business courses require software that is Windows only.

  • Interior Design (ID): Windows required
    Students in Interior Design will need to run software on a Windows-based laptop that also has heavier 3D graphics needs. Therefore, a laptop running Windows is required for interior design. It is strongly recommended to have a discrete graphics card as listed in the recommended specifications.

  • Merchandising Management (MM): Windows or Mac  
    Students in Merchandising Management require a laptop running either Mac OSx or Windows. Some business courses require software that is Windows only.

Purchasing Information

Please visit COB IT's Laptop Recommendations for more information on specifications and purchase information.

If you need help financing a laptop, please visit OSU Financial Aid. Cost of Attendance Form.

Need a temporary laptop?  Visit Student Multimedia Services in the Valley Library to check out a laptop rental.

Software Licensing

Additional information on licensing needs for Design courses is available with textbook requirements at the OSU Bookstore.

AD: Adobe CC, Browzwear
DIM: Adobe CC
ID: Adobe CC, SketchUp
MM: Adobe CC

Adobe CC (Creative Cloud)

Students may purchase a 1-year subscription to Adobe software through the Beaver Store for a reduced rate.


AutoCAD and Revit programs are used in Interior Design courses.  A free student license is available.


Browzwear is a partner of the Apparel Design program in the College of Business, providing our students with software licenses and thus keeping them skilled in the industry's most advanced design tools. Browzwear’s expert 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are key to a successful digital product lifecycle. Using true-to-life 3D, designers, developers, production and marketing collaborate effectively to get creative products to market faster.

Microsoft 365

Available to all College of Business students:


Students can get a 1-year license.

Design Labs

Apparel lab

The Apparel Lab (Milam 233) houses dress forms, sewing machines, and sergers and is a resource exclusively open to apparel design students in the College of Business. 

Computer labs

In addition to the design computer lab (Milam 218), Design students have access to the Austin Hall computers.  Information on COB computers and printing.  Milam 218 uniquely houses a 48" x 36" Apparel Digitizer where paper clothing patterns can be digitally converted into the software.

Textiles lab

In the Textiles Lab (Milam 336), students test fabrics for drape, strength durability, aesthetic related properties, and other performance features.  These physical tests can be converted for application in the digital workspace.