Some things to know about registering an internship with the College of Business (COB).

To register a MECOP internship, please check here instead. Email for assistance, or stop by the Student Success Center at Austin 122 or call 541-737-3716.

What is an internship?

An experiential learning opportunity designed to enhance your university education through practical experience that is related to your field of study.

This can be a traditional internship (paid or unpaid), or you may be able to use a current job by having your employer incorporate a project that aligns with your university education.

Need help finding an internship? Meet with the Career Success Center to chat about internship search strategies or check out our Career Success Guide.

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Why should I register my internship?

  • Credit - You can get academic credit for your internship that could count toward your degree completion. Meet with your academic advisor to see if you will need the credits to graduate. Not all students do, and if not, then they register for BA 004, which recognizes completion of an internship on your transcript but is non-credit and does not charge tuition. 
  • Requirement - Some majors at the COB require that you fulfill an experiential learning opportunity, such as an internship – check with your academic advisor.
  • Transcript - Registering your internship will add it to your official OSU transcript.


What are my internship registration options?

When you register your internship, you'll add it to your course load for the term by using a CRN - just like any other course at OSU. There are four course options, so pick what works best for you:

Credit-based options: You will register for one of the three options like any other course, for the amount of credits you would like (based on your eligibility from the chart in the information form), and you will pay for them the same as any other credits

  • BA 210 - For students with less than 90 credits.  Elective course, does not apply to experiential learning requirements.
  • (COB) 410 - For students with 90 credits or more.  Offered for the following subject codes (subject codes should align with major or, generically, BA for business majors and DSGN for design majors): ACTG, BA, BANA, BIS, DSGN, MGMT, MRKT

Non-credit option: If you are registering your internship to fulfill a requirement for your major, or simply would like it on your transcript, and you do not need the credit toward your degree completion. You will register for BA 004 like any other course, but you will not have credits from it and you will not have to pay for it. Hours and equivalent credits must still be determined prior to registration.

  • (COB) 004 - For students with 90 credits or more.  Offered for the following subject codes (subject codes should align with major or, generically, BA for business majors and DSGN for design majors): ACTG, BA, BANA, BIS, DSGN, MGMT, MRKT


How many credits should I register my internship for?

Use this chart to determine how many credit hours (or equivalent credit hours you are eligible to earn.

Projected total work hours for term Equivalent number of academic credits

30 to 59

1 credit

60 to 89

2 credits
90 to 119 3 credits
120 to 149 4 credits
150 to 179 5 credits
180 to 209 6 credits
210 to 239 7 credits
240 to 269 8 credits
270 to 299 9 credits
300 to 329 10 credits
330 to 359 11 credits
360 or more 12 credits
A student can earn a maximum of 12 credits per academic term. The information above is based upon 40 hours per week for 10 weeks equals 12 course credits.

Note - You are not required to earn credits for all of your internship hours. Please consult with your advisor to determine the number of credits you need based on your degree plan.


What do I need to register for an internship?

Use this form to help gather the information you'll need to complete the registration process. 

  • Secure an internship through the OSU Handshake website or search independently for opportunities
  • Collect the following internship documentation from the internship organization
    • Name and contact information of supervisor(s)
    • Job description/objectives
    • Duration of internship:
      • Start and end dates of the internship
    • Total estimated hours for the internship for the term
    • Hourly wage
  • Find a College of Business faculty supervisor. This can be any COB faculty member, but you should work with one who has experience in the field that you're working in for your internship.
    • Your faculty supervisor will provide you with an assessment assignment, or work with you to create one. This assignment is what your faculty supervisor will use to assess your learning from your internship, and once successfully completed, will be used to give you a "Pass or No Pass" grade for the course.
    • If you do not belong to one of the majors below, you can reach out to any faculty member you feel comfortable working with.  But, if you need help finding one, email us at
      • Business Analytics students - Xiaohui Chang will serve as your COB faculty supervisor.
      • Marketing students - Amanda Terhes will serve as your COB faculty supervisor.
      • Management students - Pauline Schilpzand will serve as your COB faculty supervisor. 
      • Business Information Systems students - Nicholas Roberts will serve as your COB faculty supervisor. 
  • Request your internship through Handshake as an "Experience." The process is fully electronic, quick, and easy! Check out the following important things below and then submit your internship request.
  • Check your email. Once your application is submitted, the Career Success Center will be in touch with any missing information needed to move your application forward for approvals.
  • Register for your course using the provided CRN. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email with course registration instructions.


International Students

International students must apply for off-campus work authorization for paid and unpaid internships.  F-1 and J-1 visa holders should contact the Office of International Services to receive Curricular Practical Training (F-1) or Academic Training (J-1) work authorization at least two weeks prior to the start of the internship.

Important Things to Know!

  Register your internship before the term starts!

Your internship experience needs to be approved before you can begin claiming worked hours, and it should be registered prior to the start of the term. If the deadline has passed or you have questions, please email to explore options, or reach out to the Student Success Center (Austin 122).

  • Retroactive approval or credit for previous work will not be granted. All arrangements must be finalized prior to the start of the internship. The student must register in the term in which the internship actually occurs. Any late registration attempts, after the term add deadline, will require a petition to register.
  • If you are interested in registering for an internship after summer term has started, it is possible to register for a partial summer session. Requests must be approved prior to the start of the next session and prior to the start date/hours of the internship. For dates, visit
  Don't forget to add any attachments if you have them!

If you are attaching your position description and/or assessment assignment, do so immediately after you submit your Experience.

  Notify your employer!

After your faculty supervisor and academic advisor approve your Experience, it will be sent to your employer's email for verification. Let them know to watch for an email from Handshake - they'll just need to click a few buttons.

  Once approved, don't forget to register!

Be sure to follow registration instructions found in your Experience Comments & Activity section – you'll receive an email notification from Handshake.

Register your internship here!

  • Login to Handshake and click on Career Center, then Experiences.
  • Click on Request an Experience.
  • For Experience Type, select the appropriate College of Business internship experience.
  • Select the term you will be registering the internship for.
  • Complete the rest of the form!
  • Once submitted and approved, you'll receive an email notification from Handshake. Log back into your Experience and you'll find registration details under the Comments & Activity section.
  • Make sure to register for the course by the deadline!


Submit Your Internship to Handshake