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We're a dynamic, supportive and collaborative community of scholars at the forefront of Business research.

We're researchers in business. We're advancing new disciplinary knowledge through top-tier publications, and we're leveraging our scholarly insights through strong research partnerships with industry. OSU and the College of Business invest in the excellence, achievement, and external impact of our faculty.



18 individual faculty members have published in a Tier 1 (elite) journal since 2020.


Five faculty members serving as associate editors in 2022-23 at highly regarded business journals.


As Oregon's land-grant university, our eight centers of excellence have partnered for research with industry and community on 22 projects.




Journal Publications

The College of Business is a supportive environment for faculty research. We recognize the achievement and dedication of our researchers, and we empower junior faculty to reach high standards for scholarly excellence.

In the past years — because of the priority we've made of our faculty's scholarship — we've significantly increased our contributions to top-tier journals, supporting the goals of our faculty and our college.

Five faculty members are serving as associate editors in 2022-23 at highly regarded business journals, and 18 individual faculty members have published in a Tier 1 (elite) journal since 2020.

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* This is based on rankings of 4* (elite) and 4 (top-ranked) journals published by the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Endowed Faculty

Terrence Blackburne

Shirley E. Droschkey Professor

Xiaohui Chang

Toomey Faculty Fellow

Borbala Csillag

Kathryn N. & John A. Stirek Assistant Professor of Management

Brian Gibbons

Kathryn N. & John A. Stirek Assistant Professor of Finance

Satoris Howes

Toomey Faculty Fellow

Jonathan Kalodimos

Harley & Brigitte Smith Fellow

Keith Leavitt

Betty S. Henry Amundson Faculty Scholar in Ethics

Kara Obermire

Shirley E. Droschke Professor of Accounting

Ted Paterson

L.W. "Bill" Lane Professor in Family Business Management

Marilyn Read

Laura B. Smith Faculty Scholar in Design

Inara Scott

Gomo Family Professorship

Logan Steele

Mary Ellen Phillips Professorship in Financial Accounting

Funded Research

Oregon State University has a Carnegie R1 Research classification and is one of only two universities in the country with all four public designations – Land, Sea, Space, and Sun Grant. Year over year, the College of Business humbly contributes to the global prestige and significance of OSU funded research as part of the university's research and extension mission.

In fiscal year 2022, the College of Business received $1.39 million in research funding from public and private sources, including the college's largest-ever grant, awarded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and through the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences’ Global Hemp Innovation Center.

Projects range from local private funding to support business entrepreneurship in minority communities to large government grants to research the impact of curiosity in learning or to develop online k-12 curricula.

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What drives us

SEC data trove advances need for transparency

Terrence Blackburne, assistant professor of accounting, explains his research: “I am interested in how information affects business decisions." And he’s mining a massive new trove of Securities and Exchange Commission data to see what he might find.


Haptic instincts guide human desire to buy

Dr. Ryann Reynolds-McIlnay, assistant professor of marketing and merchandising management, investigates the effects of retail environment stimuli on shopper behavior. She's wired to notice shopper marketing, atmospherics and sensory marketing.


Narcissists don’t learn from their mistakes

When most people find that their actions have resulted in an undesirable outcome, they tend to rethink their decisions. When narcissists face the same undesirable outcome, their refrains, according to Professor Satoris Howes, is “No one could have seen this coming!”


Upcoming Publications

  • Strategic Management Journal (ABS 4*)   Manuela Hoehn-Weiss and co-authors Samina Karim and Chi-Hyon Lee.   "Task and resource bottlenecks: A holistic examination of task systems through an organization design lens.”
  • Journal of Management (ABS4)   David Baldridge and his co-authors Brent Lyons, Lui-Qin Yang, and Camellia Bryan.   "Disability Severity, Professional Isolation Perceptions, and Career Outcomes: When Does Leader-Member Exchange Quality Matter?"
  • Journal of Banking and Finance   Jimmy Yang, Hong-Gia Huang, Wei-Che Tsai, and Pei-Shih Weng.   "Intraday Momentum in the VIX Futures Market."
  • Personnel Psychology   Bori Csillag, Wanberg, C. R., & Duffy, M.   "After the break-up: How divorcing affects Individuals at work."
  • Journal of Management   Ted A. Paterson, Lei Huang and Siting Wang.   "Identity-Consistent Self-Image Maintenance Following Leader Abuse: Integrating Self-Presentation and Self-Concept Orientation Perspectives."
  • International Journal of Operations & Production Management (ABS 4)   Dina Ribbink, and co-authors Hubert Pun and Tingting Yan.    "Revenue sharing bids of a loss-averse supplier for a new product development contact: a multi-method investigation."
  • Journal of Information Systems Education   Forough Shadbad and co-author Andy Luse.   "Hackalytics: Using Computer Hacking to Engage Students in Analytics."
  • Group and Organization Management   Ted Paterson and co-authors (Miklos Szerdahelyi, Lei Huang, Laszlo Komlosi, and Tamas Martos.   "Validation of the PCQ-5: A Short Form to Measure State Positive Psychological Capital."
  • Information Systems Frontiers    Xiaohui Chang and co-author Jiexun Li.    “Combating Misinformation by Sharing the Truth: A Study on the Spread of Fact-checks on Social Media.”
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior    Pauline Schilpzand and co-authors Tianjun Sun and Yihao Liu.   "Workplace Gossip: An Integrative Review of its Antecedents, Functions, and Consequences."
  • Journal of Service Research   Matthew J. Hall and co-author Jamie D. Hyodo.   "Service Provider to the Rescue: How Firm Recovery of Do-It-Yourself Service Failure Turns Consumers from Competitors to Satisfied Customers.”
  • European Journal of Information Systems.   Forough Shadbad and co-authors Corey Baham, Pankush Kalgotra and Ramesh Sharda   "Generational differences in handling technology interruptions: A qualitative study."
  • Journal of Banking and Finance   Jimmy Yang.   "Aggregate 52-week high, limited attention, and time-varying momentum profits."
  • Communications of the Association for Information Systems   Forough Shadbad and co-author Bryan Hammer.   "Psychological Contract Violations on Information Disclosure: A Study of Institutional Arrangements in Social Media Platforms."
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion: An international journal.   David Baldridge.   "Earnings of Persons with Disabilities: Who Earns More (Less) from Entrepreneurial Pursuit?"
  • The Accounting Review (ABS 4*, UT Dallas top 24).   Terrence Blackburne, and co-author Phil Quinn.   “Disclosure Speed: Evidence from Nonpublic SEC Investigations.”
  • Journal of Business Research   Aimee Huff and Michelle Barnhart.   “UNRAVEL-ing Gnarly Knots: A Path for Researching Market-entangled Wicked Social Problems.”
  • International Journal of Finance and Economics   Jimmy Yang, and co-authors Jui-Cheng Hung and Hung-Chun Liu.   "Does the tail risk index matter in forecasting downside risk?"

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