Welcome College of Business (COB) student club members! On this page, you can find some helpful resources for your organization, but please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything! Please contact Cody Schrock at the COB Career Success Center: cody.schrock@oregonstate.edu

The One with all the Forms

Advertise An Opportunity
Use this form to let us know about events or opportunities with your club or organization. We can add it to the student newsletter, Handshake, and the COB calendar to help spread the word!

I Have a Guest
Use this form if your club or organization is hosting a guest speaker. We like to keep track of all the amazing COB supporters, and you can request to have a gift sent to them as a thank you!

I Need a Guest
Use this form if your club or organization needs help finding a guest speaker. Our wonderful industry relations team will work with you to find someone! (Please give us a month's notice, though)

Club Contact
Use this form to update your club or organization's contact information within the College of Business. (For internal use only)

The One with all the Information

In-Person Request
All clubs are encouraged to continue their meetings and events remotely, but use the information in this document if you would like to request the use of a room in Austin Hall.

Student Club Policies & Guidelines
You can find current details about policies and guidelines for COB student clubs and organizations here.

Student Club FAQ (coming soon!)
Find some of the most commonly asked questions about COB student clubs and organizations here.

The One Where They Couldn't Travel :(

Unfortunately, travel is not permitted at this time; but when we are able to resume you'll find important travel information here!

Travel Request...

Driver Authorization...

Van Safety Test...