If you are a College of Business student and involved in student clubs and club leadership, you've come to the right place. Maybe you are organzing an event or a guest speaker for your student club or just checking in on college policies and guidelines. We have a number of resources and procedures to follow that assure a smooth visit, event or excursion. This is includes on-campus or external visits, incoming speakers that you've invited or a contact point to college staff that can help you connect with industry friends. We also have information about how clubs in our college operate and the resources we offer.

Questions? Please contact Cody Schrock at the College of Business Career Success Center: cody.schrock@oregonstate.edu  |  541-737-8957  |  Austin Hall 102

Bringing a guest to campus

I have a guest

If you are inviting a guest please complete this form that details the basic information of your guest and when the guest will visit. A parking pass and thank-you gift can be made available.

I'd like help finding a guest

If you'd like to tap into our College of Business industry and alumni network and find a guest speaker for your group, please complete this form, detailing the event or occasion you'd like the speaker and any subject matter guidance your group can give. Our industry relations team will work with you to find someone. *Please note, we ask for one month's advance notice in order to support your request.

Club advertising: I'd like help promoting my guest or event

If you would like to advertise your club event or opportunity and expand participation to others at the college outside your group with information in the student newsletter or on the digital screens in Austin Hall please complete this club advertising form.

*Please note if you want to advertise a This Week in Business event, you don't have to use the club advertising form, please use only the 'This Week in Business Event' form.

'This Week in Business' event advertising

*Please use the "Club Advertising" form while we are following COVID-19 social distancing practices.
If you are organzing a 'This Week In Business' event to invite students to please complete this form [disabled]. We will contact you regarding attendance-taking requirements, and help advertise your event. You do not need to also complete the "Club Advertising" form. You must allow adequate time between your request and the date of your event.


Organizing an event off campus

Travel request

Please fill out this travel request form [disabled due to COVID-19 social distancing policies] if you are planning off-campus travel, such as a visit to a company or attendance at a conference.

Driver authorization

Any drivers to off-campus activities drivers (students and/or faculty and staff) must complete this driver authorization form and submit to motorpool@oregonstate.edu prior to travel.

Van safety test

All drivers of OSU motorpool 12-passenger vans must complete the van safety video and test prior to travel.


Student club policies, leadership contacts and FAQ

Student club FAQ

We've collected an FAQ document [Box file] with some commonly asked questions about College of Business clubs.

Student club policies and guidelines

We've compiled a club policies and guidelines document [Box file] outlining the policies and mission of College of Business student clubs, the resources we offer, and the responsibilities of the clubs.

Student club leadership and contact updates

Please use this club contact form to update leadership transtions and contact information changes about your student club.