Meet The Team

Meet the team of student and professional staff at The Commons, our peer tutoring and study space. We are a welcoming and inclusive community for all students to come study, find peer support, get tutoring assistance, and discover college and university resources. We are excited to meet you.

James Taplin


After a decade spent bouncing between various colleges and universities around the United States, I have found my home here at Oregon State. I previously worked as an adjunct philosophy professor, academic writing tutor and philosophy mentor. My research interests include the history and philosophy of education, philosophy of culture and ethical theory. Non-research interests include biking, hiking, games and time spent with close friends.

Kimberly Gratz


I currently serve as an instructor for the Blueprint series in the College of Business and as a program manager for Student Engagement. I have worked with students at OSU in writing and communication skills for more than a decade, first at the writing center, then as a WIC instructor, and now as an instructor in the College of Business. I am privileged to work with students and to help them grow in their ability to express themselves — to literally be heard and seen in the world. Building community with The Commons is a personal and professional goal on many levels, and I’m excited to see more students using the space.

Jarrett Alto


I am a peer-tutor currently serving in the Senate for ASOSU. I plan to graduate in spring of 2024 with a degree in Management. I’m also slated for an internship at OECO, a military and commercial aerospace manufacturer. In my free time, I enjoy reading and collecting vintage items. The Commons, while at heart a studying space, is a great experiment in student bonding and collaboration. I am proud to be part of this new endeavor and see wonderful boons for future students.

Mohana Bollam


My journey includes an undergraduate degree in Business, and I am currently pursuing my master's in supply chain Analytics-MSB. Passionate about exploration, I thrive on meeting new people and embarking on exciting travels. An interesting tidbit about me is my love for movies—I'm a movie buff! In my pursuit of knowledge and experiences, I aim to leverage my skills and education to make a meaningful impact in the world of supply chain management.

Dallas Dethlefs


My name is Dallas Dethlefs and I am a senior studying accounting and finance in the College of Business with plans to become a CPA after graduation. Having been a lifelong resident of Oregon and fan of the Beavers, this is my third year at Oregon State University. When I am not studying or working at the Commons in Austin Hall I enjoy exercising at Dixon, reading, playing video games, and hanging out with my roommates.

Brandon Huggins


My name is Brandon Huggins, and I am a senior here at Oregon State University. One thing you can probably tell right away is that I am a non-traditional student. I am an accounting major and enjoy the material. My long-term goal is to get a job in business and not have to work in a factory again unless I have ownership. In my spare time I enjoy videogames, watching speed run videos, snowboarding, fishing, off-roading, and tinkering with various machinery.