Under the thoughtful leadership of renowned international business academic, Emeritus Professor Arthur Stonehill, the first two College of Business exchange programs were established in the 1980s. Since then, the Stonehill International Exchange Program has grown to include 13 partner institutions around the globe that offer international academic experiences for business majors.

Overseas study is a valuable and personally enriching part of the university experience — and the opportunity may help you earn an international business option for your degree (available with all locations below except Australia). Through participation on a College of Business program, students experience personal growth while learning about international business  from faculty around the world. The College of Business remains grateful to Professor Stonehill (1931-2019) for founding this international exchange program and recognized Stonehill in 2018 with its Distinguished Service Award.

Locations and Dates

Only Fall term dates are listed as this is the best time for OSU students to study abroad. The Fall exchange programs will end by December 23rd or earlier, even though the international university is a semester-based system (ending late January for their non-exchange students). Students may choose to study abroad during winter/spring terms but this means missing both terms at OSU due to the semester-based calendar at the international school which typically begins by mid-February and ends approximately late May. The exception is Germany, which offers a Spring term that starts the same time as OSU’s on their Bad Mergentheim campus.

  • All schools require a mandatory orientation for exchange students, so plan to arrive at your host school a week or so prior to the start of classes.
  • Final exams tend to occur over a week or longer so be careful when scheduling your return flight.
  • You may notice the international schools are semester-based with their fall terms ending late January. Special arrangements are made so that exchange students complete their studies in December. No adjustments are made to the winter/spring terms for exchange students.
  • It's recommended that you arrive two to three days prior to the orientation start date.

Fall or winter/spring terms.

An energetic metropolis, with the university in the heart of the city, you'll enjoy all a city Sydney's size has to offer as well as the easy access to world-class beaches. The international business option is not available at this location, but students can take business core equivalent courses as well as Bacc Core and possibly minor classes. UTS is a option available to students as early as sophomore year. Please note that start dates at UTS are in mid-July for fall and early March for spring.

Important dates:

  • Spring session — autumn in Australia
    • Orientation: Mid July
    • Classes start: Late July
    • End of term: Mid November

Visit UTS >

For many years a popular option for students has been to study and live in Vienna, a city roughly the size of Portland, Oregon (1.7 million). Historic – Vienna was the capital city of the Habsburg Empire, and artistic – Vienna has important medieval, Baroque and Gründerzeit architecture and became universally recognized as the capital of European music, this capital city of Austria has all the look and intrigue of old Europe.

Important dates:

  • Orientation:
    • Recommended to attend "Orientation & Cultural Program," begins early September. There also is an option to take a German language class during this time.
    • If not participating in the cultural and/or language program, arrive by late September.
  • Classes start: Beginning of October
  • End of term: By December 23rd

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Santiago is the cultural, political and financial center of Chile. With steady economic growth, the city is now home to a growing theater and restaurant scene, dozens of shopping centers and a rising skyline, including the tallest building in Latin America. The university was founded in 1842 and is the oldest and most prestigious in the country. Please note that the start date is in mid-July for fall term.

Important dates:

  • Orientation:
  • Classes start:
  • End of term:

Visit Universidad de Chile >

A vibrant shopper's paradise, Hong Kong is a former British protectorate, and lively, food-lover's dream locale. It is a bustling port city and financial center famed for its tower studded skyline.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Mid August
  • Classes start: Late August
  • End of term: Early December

Visit City University of Hong Kong >

An affordable alternative for the budget conscious student, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic by population and area, the largest Moravian city and the historical capital city of the Margraviate of Moravia. This picturesque city borders wine producing regions, boasts numerous museums, and is home to 378,000 residents.

Note: In order to obtain a Czech visa, participants must purchase health insurance from a recommended provider in the Czech Republic in addition to the mandatory OSU study abroad insurance coverage. This insurance information will need to be in the Czech language for the visa application.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Early September
  • Classes start: Mid September
  • End of term: By December 23rd

Visit Mendel University >

The second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus has a history dating back to fifth-century viking expeditions and is presently home to 326,000 inhabitants. The city is notable for its musical history, including many jazz clubs fueled by the young population. Aarhus University is Scandanavia's largest university.

Note: In order to obtain a Danish student residency permit, you must appear in person at the Sacramento consulate.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Late August
  • Classes start: Early September
  • End of term: By December 23rd

Visit Aarhus University >

Spring term only.

Bad Mergentheim is located in Baden Wurttemburg, the southwestern-most state in Germany. With the discovery of natural springs in 1826, Mergentheim was awarded the title of "spa" town (or "bad" in German). Most of the campus of DHBW is located in a castle built in 1525. Courses taken during the Spring exchange term are attended by both international and German students. There also is a fall term Germany exchange option available at a different DHBW campus located in Mosbach.

Note: There is no language requirement for students interested in participating in the German exchange. However, if you are interested in pursuing an internship in Germany after completing classes, then you must have German language proficiency at the third-year level. If you're interested in doing an internship after your exchange in Bad Mergentheim, plan to meet with an advisor about one year in advance.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Late March
  • Classes start: Late March
  • End of term: End of June

Visit DHBW-Mosbach >

Fall term only.

The town of Mosbach is located in the famous Neckar Valley of Baden Wurttemburg, the southwestern-most state in Germany. Mosbach's cosy atmosphere, picturesque half-timbered houses, and bustling sidewalk cafes bear witness to an almost 1,200-year history. Courses taken during the Fall exchange term are attended by both international and German students. There also is a spring term Germany exchange option available at a different DHBW campus located in Bad Mergentheim.

Note — the fall location does not have the internship option.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Early September
  • Classes start: Mid September
  • End of term: By December 23rd

Visit DHBW-Mosbach >

Situated on the Waal River, close to the German border, Nijmegen celebrated 2000 years of existence in 2005. With 168,000 residents, university students may feel at home on bicycle or crossing the river on one of 38 ferry crossings that dot the winding Waal. Castle ruins and ancient Roman artifacts may be found around this region.

Note: In order to obtain a visa for study in the Netherlands, students will be required to purchase health insurance from a recommended provider in the Netherlands. This will be in addition to the mandatory OSU study abroad insurance coverage.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Mid August
  • Classes start: Late August
  • End of term: By December 23rd

Visit Radboud University >

Home to 85,000 residents, Kristiansand's ancient history includes 6,500-year-old human artifacts and remains as well as beautiful churches and historic homes. Located near the Baltic Sea, the temperate climate brings tourists from the surrounding region to the area's sunny beaches in summer.

Note: Students may be required to appear in person at the San Francisco consulate. Obtaining the required visa/permit is a possibility after arriving in Norway but is not always the recommended procedure.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Early August
  • Classes start: Mid August
  • End of term: Mid December

Visit University of Agder >

Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and diverse population. In circa-1820 Chinatown stands the red-and-gold Buddha’s Tooth Relic Temple; Little India offers colorful souvenirs, and Arab Street is lined with fabric shops.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Early August
  • Classes start: Mid August
  • End of term: Mid December

Visit SMU >

Murcia, founded in 831, is located on the southeast Iberian peninsula on the Segura River. Murcia’s 250 kilometers of coast is aptly called La Costa Cálida (Hot One), during summer months especially, but is also referred to as "Europe's orchard" for its production of many fruits, vegetables and flowers. With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, this multicultural capital city of 440,000 is also a university town where tradition and modernity harmoniously coexist.

Note: In order to obtain a visa for Spain, participants must appear in person at the San Francisco consulate prior to departure in order to apply for their visa. Information on this will be provided, but this is an additional cost to participants. Also — although knowledge of the Spanish language is not required to succeed academically — applicants will be required to write a short essay in Spanish as part of the University of Murcia application (this process occurs after being accepted into the exchange program by the College of Business). The Spanish essay requirement is implemented to encourage students to understand that interactions outside of the classroom may require basic Spanish speaking skills.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Early September
  • Classes start: Mid September
  • End of term: By December 23rd

Visit Universidad de Murcia >

Lund University was established in 1666, and is situated in the south of Sweden in a city of 82,000. With an ancient and well preserved historical city center, Lund is an excellent location for exploring markets, cathedrals, historical sites and the surrounding countryside's castles and natural environment. Lund has a vibrant art, music, dance and theater culture as well.

Note: Housing in Lund is extremely difficult to obtain. It is very competitive for all students attending Lund (local and international). There are several housing companies to apply with, and they maintain waiting lists. Research housing options carefully and be prepared to set up optional housing, such as Airbnb until something more suitable comes available.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Mid August
  • Classes start: Late August
  • End of term: Mid December

Visit Lund University >

Chulalongkorn ("Chula") is known as the Harvard of Asia, as it is the most renowned academic institution in the region. Located in lively Bangkok, the "City of Angels," within the "Land of Smiles," this city has innumerable Buddhist temples, street markets, night life and food delicacies for the exchange visitor. It also boasts a very large contingent of enthusiastic OSU alumni, teaching at Chula and working across Thailand.

Important dates:

  • Orientation: Early August
  • Classes start: Mid August
  • End of term: Mid December

Visit Chulalongkorn University >

From a Student

I was terrified to study abroad, and that is exactly why I went. Life is about facing your fears, and I've grown so much because of this experience.

Michael | Germany, Fall 2016

How to apply

Applicants must meet the following requirements prior to going on a fall or spring term College of Business exchange program*:

  • Have a COB GPA of 2.75 or better
  • Senior standing preferred (but Junior standing can apply)
    • Courses taken abroad will be mainly senior level
  • Completed the following courses with a C- or better
    • BA 347 International Business
    • BA 352 Managing Individual and Team Performance
    • BA 240 or BA 360 Finance
    • BA 223 or BA 390 Marketing
  • No grades below a C- in any required business courses that have not been fixed

* Students interested in studying on exchange in Australia only need to meet the GPA requirements plus have at least 30 OSU credits completed.

(for WINTER/SPRING term exchange)

The application deadline for spring Germany or winter/spring Australia exchange applicants.

Please note: You will enroll in BA 348 for fall term if accepted. BA 348 typically meets on Fridays.

(For FALL term exchange)

The application deadline for fall exchange applicants (all locations).

Please note: You will enroll in BA 348 the following spring term if accepted. BA 348 typically meets on Fridays.

IMDD and business minors may apply for the College of Business exchange program. Priority is given to business majors though. IMDD and minor students, if accepted to go on the exchange, will not earn the international business option.

Being placed in one of the business exchange locations is a highly competitive process. Keep this in mind as you prepare the required application materials. There is a $200 supported program fee charged by OSU's Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO).

Step 1:

  1. Complete the OSU GO application.
  2. Search for the College of Business Stonehill Exchange application (you can select “find a program” and type “Stonehill” for the program name).
    1. Note: Do not apply to individual country locations. You will list country preferences within the Stonehill Exchange application.
  3. View step-by-step instructions.
    1. Note – Stonehill Exchange applicants do not need to meet with a GO Office Peer Advisor.
  4. Complete all items listed for the online application by the deadline. These include:
    1. COB Location Preference (list top 3 choices)
    2. COB Personal Statement
      1. This is your only opportunity to convince the College of Business to approve placing you at your first-choice location. Be clear, specific and informed regarding all 3 preferred locations, but with a focus on your first choice. The statement should:
        1. Be two to three pages in length, double-spaced.
        2. Include responses to the following:
          • Describe the leading motivations to selecting your first-choice location.
          • Why do you think the College of Business should offer to place you with your first-choice location?
          • What factors influenced the selection of your second- and third-choice locations?

Step 2: Interview

All students who meet the eligibility requirements will be invited for a group interview with College of Business exchange coordinators/advisors. Please monitor your email for information and instructions on how to prepare for and schedule the interview. The interview process also is an extremely important step in helping the exchange coordinators determine placement of each eligible applicant.

Step 3: Conduct check

A campus conduct check is completed for all applicants. If you have concerns about previous misconduct violations on campus or off, please consult an academic advisor.

Step 4: Placement decisions announced and program fees due

Applicants are selected for the exchange program based on their perceived adaptability, maturity level and academic performance. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email with a placement offer and deadline for confirming acceptance of the offer. If you agree to the program location offer, you agree to also pay the non-refundable program fee of $400. This amount will be billed to your student account during the term you are enrolled in BA 348.

Contact Information

COB ABROAD Study Abroad Information Sessions:

Check the This Week in Business e-newsletter for upcoming information sessions.

Email or schedule an appointment to learn more about the Stonehill International Business Exchange:

Connie Caddis, Austin 122, 541.737.3716