Center for Business Analytics

Connecting business organizations, professionals, students, and faculty to educate and to exchange ideas on gaining competitive advantages from data

The importance of data and analytics

The OSU Center for Business Analytics accomplishes its goals through company-sponsored projects, community training, symposia and sponsored faculty research. Our focus is on applying analytics technology such as data/text mining, data visualization/exploration, predictive modeling and optimization — to identify opportunities and to provide solutions.

We develop and deliver executive training events to facilitate the expansion of expertise in using analytical methods to translate organizational data into business opportunities. The center also leverages the experience of faculty and students from different disciplines to create data-driven solutions to issues confronted by organizations.

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Research Projects

Supply Chain/Operations Analytics

Daimler: MBA students worked with Daimler Trucks North America, the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. The students analyzed Daimler's manufacturing data and developed recommendations to optimize efficiency and remove bottlenecks as it expands product lines.

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Marketing Analytics

Burgerville: MBA students partnered with Burgerville, a popular Pacific Northwest restaurant chain, to transform its ordering process into a business opportunity with the aim to increase sales, guest frequency, customer satisfaction.

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Portland Gas & Electric (PGE): In an ongoing project with PGE, we are providing an enhanced understanding of the customer experience with this major Pacific Northwest utility by conducting textual analysis across social media data and survey data. We're comparing results from the text analysis to identify ways to improve methods used to conduct the survey, and we're constantly mining and incorporating data into the survey creation.

CDK Global: Our students worked to augment the customer retention strategies of this integrated information technological and digital marketing company by identifying customers who may be prone to leave for a competitor. We identified customers more likely to discontinue three months in advance of their departure, giving CDK Global enough time to devise and implement strategies focused on customer retention.

Creative Videos: This Corvallis-based company develops young-audience videos for, and, and they are ranked No. 1 in China for kids video development. Their profits come from advertisements on external websites that embed their videos, and Creative Videos sponsored a graduate research project that analyzed the data around video performance on those websites. We identified contextual factors and certain video features that correlated to the increased income of a video.

Cairn: Cairn is a Bend, Oregon-based company that provides a subscription "package service" — a recurring delivery of new and trending outdoor and recreation products and gear. For Cairn, we analyzed data and helped identify the best outdoor packages for customers and monitored their satisfaction level post-purchase.

Healthcare Analytics

Samaritan Healthcare: For Samaritan, a regional leader in healthcare with 250,000 clients, we took on a project to reduce ER costs. We analyzed patient and medical resource data related to higher levels of ER usage, and identified opportunities and protocols for enhanced patient care that preempts repeat hospitalizations and minimizes costs related to ER visits. Based on these circumstances, we also could propose solutions to conserve resources.

HR/Human Analytics

CDK Global: Similar to our work with CDK Global for customer retention, we created a classification model to identify valuable employees with a higher risk of leaving the company months before they moved on. This gave the company and the human resource department time to create stronger retention programs and reduce recruitment costs.


Xiaohui Chang
Associate Professor of Business Analytics

Shaokun Fan
Assistant Professor in Business Information Systems

Byron Marshall
Assistant Dean for Assessment, Accreditation and Analytics

Evan Smouse
Senior Instructor

Bin Zhu
Associate Professor of Business Information Systems

Andrew Eiden
Head of Analytics, Portland Timbers

Trevor Moore
SVP, Head of Technology at Nation Safe Drivers

Vivek Narendra
Senior Director of DataOpsand CRM Strategy at Oregon State University Foundation

Mike Schumacher
Director of Business Intelligence at Portland Trail Blazers

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