The OSU College of Business has rolled out our restructured design major: Design and Innovation Management. This degree will allow students to tailor their Design and Innovation Management major to meet their career needs; students will choose one of three options available under the major: apparel design, interior design and design management. This program will allow students to graduate in four years. Within the new Design and Innovation Management Major we have completed a curricular redesign of our apparel design option. With an emphasis on outdoor and performance wear, and an integration of business principles, graduates are well poised to enter the apparel industry that dominates the Pacific Northwest. All students will follow the common design core designed to be completed in two years and provides a comprehensive foundation of design concepts. The major still requires admission to the OSU COB pro-school. 

Design & Innovation Management Learning Goals


Design & Innovation Management options:

Apparel Design 

Sample four-year plan.

Our apparel design program focuses on professional design with an emphasis on outdoor and performance wear. Students will focus on market and consumer driven design and will be professionally ready for jobs in the athletic and outdoor industry. Graduates of the program will be literate in the business of fashion, design, production and marketing.

Interior Design 

Click here for a four-year sample plan. 

Our interior design program focuses on the technical, sustainable and aesthetic elements of design in the immediate physical environment, which includes the inside of homes, public buildings and commercial offices. Students will focus on analyzing clients' needs and requirements, provide layouts, prepare working drawings and specify interior materials and finishes. Students will gain experience in drafting, sketching, space planning, sustainability, and including materials and accessibility.

Design Management

Click here for a four-year sample plan.

Our design management program is for students who want to work in a design field but in a management role. Our program will provide students with skills in marketing, finance, leadership, strategy, and supply chain that are necessary to lead a design department or to run a business. This option will provide students with an integrated focus on the role of design in the creation and management of strategic and sustainable advantage.