The entrepreneurship curriculum teaches students how to recognize and develop opportunities in business and not-for-profit organizations. It prepares students to operate in rapidly growing businesses, to participate in family-owned businesses, to establish their own business, or to plan, lead and contribute to new business development initiatives within larger organizations.

Entrepreneurship is multidisciplinary and creative in nature. You will learn about many different areas of business, in particular marketing, strategy, finance and management.


The entrepreneurship program demands much from its students, including a professional orientation and a sense of self-sufficiency. 

Your freshman and sophomore years will be largely confined to starting the OSU baccalaureate core and the Business Core (see Requirements.) These courses are required of all business students. The majority of entrepreneurship option courses are completed during the junior and senior years. By the conclusion of the entrepreneurship option, you will have broad exposure to all major areas in business.

Startup Support Resources

Learning entrepreneurship inside the classroom is complemented with a wide variety of extra-curricular resources to help students turn their ideas into reality. InnovationX, the OSU Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is OSU’s hub for student entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers. InnovationX supports students who have ideas, who have already started a business or who are simply passionate and drawn to innovation. We provide the resources, education and community that can help students capture, share and test ideas and turn them into reality. Students can participate in workshops, networking events, business plan competitions, a student incubator, and more and get the mentoring and coaching they need to move ideas forward. Learn more.