Today's accountants are techy-savvy problem solvers, insightful planners and strategic thinkers. Many of the “number-crunching” tasks formerly thought to be part of an accountant's world have long ago been replaced by sophisticated software. Instead, you can expect a satisfying and challenging professional career as an accountant, with lucrative and stable employment in a respected profession. You can work your way up to CFO as a corporate accountant, rise to the partner level at a public accounting firm, become a valued advisor as a consultant, or even join the FBI as an investigator.

We prepare our students to be at the forefront of a profession with a bright future. Our program is based on a rigorous and relevant curriculum, taught by dedicated faculty who draw on practical knowledge and academic theory. We strive to provide a stimulating environment outside of the classroom as well, with vibrant student organizations and ample professional development opportunities. We coordinate extensively with our Accounting Advisory Board, which is comprised of business leaders at the top of the accountancy profession. Consequently, we have an excellent record of accomplishment in placing our graduating students in positions worthy of their capabilities.

An accounting degree gives you fluency in the language of business, providing many pathways to a rewarding career. Whether you are a consultant, corporate executive, public accountant, investigator or entrepreneur, you will stand out for your problem-solving skills and analytical ability.

OSU College of Business graduate, Jordan Bianco at Alaskan Airlines, created a video describing his successful and fulfilling career path


Click here for a four year sample plan.

Accounting has always been about big data, as the field focuses on using judgement and quantitative skills to translate the thousands of economic events and transactions occurring at a business into useful information. In fact, the accounting core curriculum now includes an innovative course, Accounting Analytics, focused on developing students’ ability to analyze large samples of data. All organizations understand the benefit of adding people with the accounting skills our program cultivates to their team.

In addition to turning basic data into useful information, an accounting degree will teach you the skills to analyze business at the strategic level. Understanding and manipulating historical financial data facilitates successful business process improvement, enlightens organization’s strategic decision-making, and helps organizations know how to evaluate and reward employees. Further, an accounting degree will teach you how to use financial information to project performance into the future, an invaluable skill in the finance and management fields. Knowing accounting makes you a better business decision-maker wherever your career take you.

Our accounting program focuses on developing your “soft” skills as well. Our education-to-career focus builds professional skills such as communicating complex ideas in writing and through oral presentations, working effectively in diverse team settings, and effectively coordinating and motivating a group to achieve its best output. We work hard to instill professional values in our graduates, including integrity and stewardship, a motivation to serve the community and the accounting profession, and the curiosity to be a life-long learner.

All accountancy major coursework must be taken on a graded [A-F] basis. A grade of "C" or better is required in each of the pre-business accounting courses (BA 211 and BA 213) prior to application to the Accountancy major. Once in the Accountancy major, students must continue to earn a C or better (not C-) in their ACTG classes for graduation and prerequisite purposes.

Enrichment Activities

Student groups, and the national professional organizations that these groups are associated with, are tremendously beneficial support system throughout your education and beyond into job recruiting and professional networking. Student organizations, such as Beta Alpha Psi and the Institute of Management Accountants club, both host a variety of functions and guest speakers that put you face-to-face with potential employers and allow you to learn about the variety of accounting careers. Student officers in these organizations hone their leadership and management skills by organizing several alumni and professional events throughout the year, including "Meet the Firms," a recruiting event and job fair.