Client Stories

Portland Mercado worked with the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights to conduct a market study and cost and revenue model to better understand client need of a mobile food lab throughout the state of Oregon. The Portland Mercado Mobile Food Lab would support food businesses in the pre-business and early-stage phases of operation, assisting entrepreneurs in overcoming common barriers to their business planning.



Marketing Students Vet Public Perceptions: Six students affiliated with the College of Business Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights tested a major outdoor advertising campaign for healthcare provider The Corvallis Clinic and creative agency Funk/Levis & Associates, reporting back on public preferences for their clients' creatives.



Focusing in on the New OSU Brand: When the university took on the task of refining the brand, they turned to experts, including our marketing research and consulting team. With their results, OSU released "Out There," the multifaceted campaign that includes advertising on Portland’s MAX light rail trains, digital ad campaigns.



Food Hero Food Hero's goal is to share quick, easy, affordable and delicious ways to increase your family's daily dose of nutrient-rich veggies and fruits in all their fabulous forms. Fresh, frozen, canned or dried items are available, so you can mix it up to create a balanced diet for your busy day. Visit the site to find out what healthy choices you can make.



Food Hero Makeover YouTube video of a fruit and veggies makeover of one family in need by OSU's Extension Services. This video was made possible through the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights' work on the fruit and veggies project over more than 18 months.



Know Thy Customer article published in Terra research magazine (Winter 2007) on the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights' involvement with different companies and how we help them to better serve their customers.



New Research Outlines Critical Steps for Family Businesses C2C in partnership with the Austin Family Business Program and Laird Norton Tyee conducted a comprehensive national survey of family business leaders. The site includes results from the survey and other information on how and why the survey was conducted. 


Student and Faculty Success Stories 


OSU Study Among Nation's Top 10 Marketing Papers (2006) Professors McAlexander and Koenig are recognized for research done on brand community.