Client Stories

Our success stories

We love what we do: Refining the best practices in market and consumer research, mentoring the next generation of market strategists and delivering professional insights to our clients.

Our researchers have served globally renowned brands such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, Tillamook and Gerber Foods. We have served nonprofits and community-based organizations such as Oregon Symphony, Benton County Hospice and Portland Mercado. We also have conducted research for government entities, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights conducts its research and provides consulting services anywhere. Our teams have traveled around the country to collect data and advise businesses, organizations and brands.

The Oregon Symphony

Portland Mercado

The Portland Mercado worked with the Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights to conduct a market study and cost and revenue model to better understand client need of a mobile food lab throughout the state of Oregon.


Corvallis Clinic

Student researchers from CMCI tested a major outdoor advertising campaign for healthcare provider The Corvallis Clinic and creative agency Funk/Levis & Associates. The students analyzed consumer feedback, helping to create prominent messaging for billboards.


Consumers and Hemp

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is funding a $10-million-dollar, comprehensive study of industrial hemp with OSU, and CMCI is conducting data-driven research into the consumer demand for end-products and financing models.





“I thought CMCI was perfect. They know the Corvallis and Albany area and were able to select appropriate locations for each interaction point. They also handled all of the logistics, from garnering permission from the locations to be on site to developing the questions and doing the research and analysis. The final report was very comprehensive and professionally assembled.”

Mindy DeForest, Account Manager, Funk/Levis


“We have worked with CMCI for more than 10 years. They’ve done numerous projects for us related to student recruitment to find out how prospective students make college choices. When CMCI showed Out There concepts to the focus groups, it was the best and most enthusiastic response we’ve ever received on our materials. We had students say they hadn’t considered OSU as an option but would after seeing the Out There materials.”

Melody Oldfield, Assistant Vice President of University Marketing, OSU


“When I came onto the property, the beauty of the golf course, clearly one-of-a-kind, was clearly a strength, and the weakness of the property was just the age of the facilities — and the business model. I saw the opportunity to come in with a new model, one that is not so not so golf-centric, and a new branding that would attract a younger audience.”

Randy Falk, General Manager, The Corvallis Club