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As a market researcher with CMCI, you get the opportunity to work directly with faculty, industry professionals and other potential employers. CMCI welcomes students from all backgrounds and experience levels, from the College of Business and all OSU colleges for a uniquely multidisciplinary experience. We provide opportunities for growth and challenging experiences for everyone from first-year students to graduate students.

If you are curious about market research and consumer insights, please apply! For example, we've welcomed students from business, marketing, social research, engineering, media productions, anthropology and sociology to our project teams.

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“Personally, when working on this project, I found it fascinating how members of the community responded to the proposed campaigns. Certain images, color schemes and word choices each produced a varied emotional response from the potential customer.”

Kasey Babcock, '21


“I am very thankful that I was able to develop a consumer-focused mindset and experience the consumer research process in such a hands-on way. I gained real-world, first-hand experience. All the CMCI research projects resulted in the implementation of our findings -- which is very rewarding.”

Jessica Kiever '18


“This project was a really fun one. As a project manager, I knew that I had to make sure things happened on time, everyone was on the same page, and our final report looked good.”

Joseph Bridges, '18