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Bring your business challenges to our world-class researchers, and together, we'll make confident decisions.

Colleen Bee works with a colleague on a focus group.
Starting the process

How a project works

Bring your business challenges to our world-class researchers, and together, we'll make confident decisions. We can help you with answers to a range of marketing, branding and communications scenarios.

We work with you to define the project objective and its goals and timeline. Some of our projects start out with businesses that already have a clear objective while with others, we help shape the project with you based on the business challenges you present.

The Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights is able to conduct research and provide consulting services anywhere. Our teams have traveled around the country to collect data and advise organizations. For research, we have state-of-the-art facilities in Austin Hall on the OSU Corvallis campus with options for individual or small-group interviews, focus groups and a digital studies lab. We also collaborate with our partners in Portland, for example, using the tasting labs at the Food Innovation Center.


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CMCI Services

CMCI is a full-service market research center. We can help you with answers to these scenarios and other questions.

  • Market barriers assessment – Looking to expand your consumer base, move to the next level in terms of distribution, or launch a new product? Explore what barriers or issues might be holding you back and learn how to avoid or use them to your advantage.
  • Industry analysis – Where do you fit in your industry? What impacts have Covid-19 made to your industry? What changes can you make to better position and meet future challenges and opportunities among competitors and more effectively reach your target market?
  • Brand name testing – Are you a new business or looking to change your name? Explore what names most effectively convey your company, products or ideas to your target audience.
  • Communications, advertising and message testing – Do you have new logo idea or creative concept you want tested? Find out how your current and potential customers feel, qualitatively and quantitatively, about the new messaging before you launch.
  • Retail image studies – Want to know how customers and potential customers perceive your business? Do these perceptions match with the image the company wants to portray? Learn how to bring both together to best market to your target audience.
  • Attitude and behavior change – Want to make a shift in the market or in the behavior patterns of your customers? Learn how customers feel, what motivates them and what changes your company can make to actively drive change in your consumers.
  • Rebranding strategies – Looking to change a company name, logo, messaging? Learn what concepts resonate best with consumers and stakeholders to differentiate you from competitors. Use these insights to create strategies and messaging that works to move forward your organization.
  • Customer and employee satisfaction and retention – How do your customers or employees feel? How does employee satisfaction drive customer experiences? What would make them happier and in turn more likely to have a positive and engaged relationship with your company?