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The Oregon State University Launch Academy is an incubator for student entrepreneurs who want to be immersed in an innovative, high-energy environment that promotes the creation, evolution and implementation of business ideas. 

Launch Academy students earn OSU credit for working on their businesses and have access to seed funding, prototyping equipment, co-working space, mentoring and training to help them advance their ideas. Launch Academy training helps students develop new products or services, market their ideas, build teams and secure funding, among other critical elements of entrepreneurial success.

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Why Join?

Access funding to get your idea off the ground. Launch Academy students learn how to deliver an elevator pitch and exclusively pitch for the opportunity to earn startup funding.

Earn OSU credit each term in exchange for working on your idea. Launch Academy students enroll in BA 367 (3 credits) or BA 599 the first term of participation and BA 368/599 (variable, 1-12 credits, depending on your needs) in subsequent terms. These aren’t your typical classes – Launch Academy classes are a training program, fully applied to your business. And, Launch Academy classes allow you to work toward a minor while moving your business forward. Students pursuing the OSU minor in entrepreneurship can apply BA 367 and BA 368 toward their program plan. Scholarships are available to students with financial need. Contact Dale McCauley , InnovationX Director, for details on how to apply.

Access the DAMlab Makerspace. Launch Academy students have prototyping equipment access through the DAMlab, along with training on how to use the equipment. And, Launch Academy students have a small budget for prototyping needs.

Pitch your idea at regional and national competitions. Launch Academy students who are invited to participate in regional or national pitch competitions have priority access to funding to support their travel.

Get one-on-one time with mentors. Experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals, hand-selected to meet your needs, are available to help you advance your ideas.

Grow your network. Launch Academy includes events, workshops and networking sessions featuring successful entrepreneurs and innovators. You’ll also be a part of — and inspired by — a community of peers that shares your passion for bringing big ideas to life.

Registering for Launch Academy

To register for Launch Academy, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a student at OSU. All majors and years in school are welcome.
  • Have an idea for a service, product or community change project. You must have an idea that you’d like to launch or that you’ve already launched. It can (and likely will) change, but you need to have a starting point. Whatever your ideas is, we want to hear from you.
  • Be coachable. Startups take many twists and turns and the ability to take feedback is critical to your long-term success.

Launch Academy applications are reviewed throughout the year and students can join any time.

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