Logan Steele

Associate Professor, Associate School Head, and Mary Ellen Phillips Professor in Financial Accounting

Office: 541-737-8659

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Corvallis, OR 97331

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Logan Steele is the Associate School Head for the School of Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems, and an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Oregon State University College of Business. 

Prof. Steele received his Ph.D. in accounting from the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management in 2011. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked for two years at Moss Adams LLC auditing public clients in the banking sector. Prof. Steele has previously worked as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Connecticut. Steele has taught introductory and intermediate financial reporting courses, cost accounting courses, and doctoral seminars on capital markets research. 

Prof. Steele's research focuses on how to use accounting information to predict macroeconomic outcomes, as well as the relationship between accounting information and risk. He is particularly interested in how the nature of accounting information affects its' usefulness in predicting future outcomes.

Accepted Papers:

“The Determinants of Segment-level Tax Expense Disclosure” with Junfang Deng, Fabio Gaertner and Dan Lynch. Forthcoming in the Journal of the American Taxation Association

“Express yourself: Why managers’ disclosure tone varies across time and what investors learn from it” with John L. Campbell, Hye-Seung “Grace” Lee and Hsin-Min Lu. 2020. Published in Contemporary Accounting Research 37 (2), 1140-1171.

 “The Usefulness of Negative Aggregate Earnings Changes in Predicting Future Gross Domestic Product Growth” with Fabio Gaertner and Asad Kausar. 2020. Published in the Review of Accounting Studies 25 (4), 1328-1409.

“Debt Structure and Conditional Conservatism” with Hye-Seung “Grace” Lee. 2019. Published in the Journal of Financial Reporting 4 (2), 115-140.

“The Effect of Aggregation of Accounting Information via Segment Reporting on Accounting Conservatism” with Daniel Bens and Steven Monahan. 2018. Published in the European Accounting Review 27 (2), 237-262

 “The Risk Relevance of Taxable Income” with Dan Dhaliwal, Hye-Seung “Grace” Lee and Morton Pincus. 2017. Published in the Journal of the American Taxation Association 39 (1), 1-24

 “The Information Content of Mandatory Risk Factor Disclosures in Corporate Filings” with John Campbell, Hsinchun Chen, Dan Dhaliwal and Hsin-Min Lu. 2014. Published in the Review of Accounting Studies 19 (1), 396-455.

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