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The Austin Family Business Program produces a free audio podcast as a complement to the Family Business 360 seminars. Here are a few episodes that cover issues of multiple generations in the business to get you started:​

Will the Next Generation Stay or Go? Communication that Supports Family Business Unity

Steve Lytle, 4th generation member of his family’s business and family business consultant, talks about the “ages and stages” of family business succession. How do we build family cohesion and clarity, while at the same time helping the next generation become more competent and gain business and financial literacy?


What Your Kids Want You to Know About the Family Business

Sherri Noxel, director of the Austin Family Business Program at Oregon State University, shares her insights gained from years of teaching family business students on campus. When does the next generation decide whether they want to work in the family business or not, and what factors affect their choice? This podcast also includes professional development ideas for the next generation. 

Multiple Generations Working Together

Mark Wickman of Family Business Counsel discusses how generational differences among family members can lead to increasing tension in the business. Mark shares ideas on how to reconcile values between generations to communicate more effectively and reduce unnecessary conflict. 

The Middles: Transition Planning for the Second Generation

Dean Sandow of Farleigh Wada Witt and Don Bielen of Perkins & Co. examine succession planning from the unique perspective of the “middle” generation; family owners with both a generation preceding them (often the founders) and a younger generation waiting in the wings. What succession-related issues are unique to the middle generations and how can effective planning increase the odds for a smooth transition? 

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